Wuthering Heights: choosing clothes for rainy weather


Until the thunder breaks out, we will not remember how unpredictable May can be clothes. The sun alternates with showers, and each walk turns into a walk and don’t get wet quest. Let’s figure out how to get out of rainwater dry.

– disassemble the cloak by composition

The case when high-tech synthetics are better than natural fabrics. Cotton absorbs moisture, and thin polyester fibers can be made into a lightweight, pliable fabric that is regatta discount code to rain drops. Special impregnations enhance the useful properties of the fabric, imparting moisture and windproof properties.

 look at the cut

Of course, a hood and long sleeves will save you from rain, and double fasteners and drawstrings from the wind. We carefully work out the design of outerwear, paying attention not only to aesthetics, but also to ergonomics and functionality. We also love the extra options – for example, the ability to hide the hood in the hidden compartment of the collar.

 take a rest

To make raincoats and windbreakers breathable, we equip garments with ventilation pockets under the sleeves and mesh lining. These fabrics move excess heat and moisture away from the surface of the body. Micro-circulation of air in strategic locations ensures comfort.

think over options

But what if it is raining outside the window and +5, and you need not only not to get wet, but also not to freeze? A raincoat without insulation will not cope with such a task, but a light vest will come to its aid. Combine lightweight down jackets, vests, raincoats and windbreakers with each other – layering is on trend!

When everything is linen: the main fabrics of summer

In the summer, you can endlessly do three things: want to go to the sea, overeat fruit and sing odes to natural flax. This material is a salvation in hot weather, because it has all possible positive properties, from cooling to antibacterial. We will show you which flax variations you should pay close attention to.

Pure flax

We sew things from 100% linen in factories in Italy. Linen is light and airy due to the fact that especially fine threads are used in the weaving process. Flax fibers are distinguished by their strength and durability, and therefore there is no need to worry about the safety of things. Dresses, trousers and tops made of this material are suitable for hot weather: they breathe and do not hinder movement.

Linen + cotton

A blend of cotton and linen fibers allows you to create textured fabrics. Slightly rough, but at the same time tactilely comfortable materials have a pronounced structure and retain the beneficial properties of natural ingredients. This material does not absorb odors, which is a plus for summer clothes. The blend of cotton and linen is easy to clean and therefore ideal for creating wearable dresses, shirts and blouses.

Linen + viscose

Avoiding objections: Man-made viscose is a natural material with all its inherent properties. Viscose breathes, does not electrify and does not cause allergies, and therefore acts as a worthy companion for natural fibers. The blend of linen and viscose is light, flexible and elastic – just what you need to create clothes with expressive folds and draperies.

Light Stripe: Favorite pattern for summer.

How can you not love a strip? This simple yet expressive design is a godsend for any wardrobe! We love striped patterns because they give optimism: after all, the dark line is always replaced by the light one!

Vertical strip.

Oh, this magic elixir of harmony! Who has not heard that such a pattern makes the figure slimmer? However, do not flatter yourself: not all vertical lines visually correct the silhouette. Thin and sparse stripes do not work as they should, but medium and wide stripes will easily cope with the task. We are aware of this, and therefore we only use fabrics with the application of the “correct” stripes.

Horizontal strip.

The most popular version of this pattern is a blue and white stripe with a nautical feel. Clothes with this pattern are the perfect choice for summer vacations. We know, someone will say that the horizontal strip is not for everyone. This is not entirely true: it is enough to choose the right combination of shades and line thickness. We are experimenting with the width and position of the pattern so you can wear the stripe without regard to conventional wisdom.

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