Women’s parkas: advantages and disadvantages

A comfortable and practical fishtail parka in its classic form came to us from the wardrobes of the American military. More precisely, many fans of universal clothes think so. In fact, the style was invented by the Eskimos. Residents of the icy lands of Greenland, Alaska, Canada and Chukotka have figured out how to protect themselves from snow and frosty wind with the help of a skin rubbed with fish oil. The word parka itself came to us from the German language. In translation, it just means “skin”.

Subsequently, due to the many advantages of the parka jacket, the American army chose it for its soldiers as equipment during the Korean War. The new uniform justified the confidence placed in providing the US military with excellent protection from winds and downpours. Over time, the reliable jacket migrated to the world of tourism, where it also proved itself wonderfully. It is not surprising, because the model that does not hinder movement, which in any conditions of the external environment gives a feeling of comfort, is the best suited for outdoor activities.

Now the women’s maria b sarees has become the most real fashionable must-have. For several seasons in a row, fashion gurus have been talking about her style and originality, advising her to wear it almost all year round. In principle, this should not be surprising, because the seasonality of such a wardrobe item is really wide enough. It is great to wear both in winter and in the off-season, making the image of a fashionista very extraordinary. In the new cold season, the model took off to the top of the fashion Olympus. So you can’t do without it.


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In addition to outerwear, the online store also offers a variety of collections of suits, skirts, trousers, blouses and other fashion temptations. For the winter, choose women’s turtleneck sweaters , insulated jeans, woolen and knitwear. Issa Plus has every trendy whim.


Having discovered the fashion world, the parka did not remain monotonous for long. The emphatically practical cut and the traditional camouflage shade have experienced many transformations. The jacket has become more feminine, and in some versions, on the contrary, funny oversized. The palette has expanded to include all our favorite shades, from luscious burgundy to noble snow white. Fashionistas are seriously carried away by such a universal novelty.

Celebrities made a special contribution to the popularization of parko bows. Star beauties of various sizes (both literally and figuratively) began to appear in jackets of this kind, not only on the streets of megalopolises, but even at serious events. Numerous photos of stars in park outfits fueled interest in this wardrobe item, providing it with the status of a universal casual addition to any look.

In the new cold season, such outerwear not only has not lost its popularity, but has become even more desirable for fashionistas. I am glad that there are no strict rules regarding her choice. Your new thing can be anything. Let’s take a look at the most popular versions of the iconic item:

  • classic straight fishtail cut to mid-thigh;
  • with a belt, drawstring or just a drawstring at the waist;
  • with a zipper, buttons, buttons, hinges;
  • elongated, ultrashort;
  • fitted, wide, flared;
  • combined: sleeves and inserts colored or made of other fabric;
  • with a straight or rounded bottom;
  • with a large convertible collar that can be buttoned up to the chin or beautifully laid out on the chest;
  • thick fluffy or small and sparse, the trim may be present not only on the hood, but also along the line of the fastener, the skin with a contrasting color is aerobatics.

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Decor and color

As for the palette, here we have a complete carte blanche. The classic swamp will always be considered a good choice, but this option is only suitable for a casual look. If you want a new outfit that will go with your business suit or club outfit, choose something non-standard. Fortunately, there are a lot of jacket shades. It can be black, white, brown, burgundy, blue, green. The most daring girls choose pink, blue, yellow and even combined products.

To make the thing even more fun and interesting, add decor. Not so long ago, decorations on outerwear were considered inappropriate. Now we can experiment. Your jacket can show off:

  • patches and appliques;
  • emblems, inscriptions, badges;
  • large catchy fittings;
  • belt with an original buckle;
  • unusual fur;
  • print or pattern.

The last point deserves special attention. Printed and patterned models are becoming more and more popular. You can choose not only the camouflage option. Who said that comfortable fashion does not accept floristry and abstract patterns? It can be not only drawing, but also embroidery. This direction is just gaining momentum. Hurry up to be the first fashionista in an outstanding jacket.

Most importantly …

The most important advantage of a winter park is that it perfectly protects its owner from cold, dampness and any precipitation. For your new outfit to match this description, pay attention to its characteristics.

The top of a quality product is made of dense material with a water-repellent impregnation. These are cotton, polyester, denim and other similar fabrics with good strength and wear resistance. Insulation lining can be natural (down, fur) or artificial (synthetic winterizer). Well, if this part comes unfastened, it makes it easier to care for the thing and makes it versatile in terms of seasonality. The presence of a hood is an individual question. A high collar that closes to the chin and even higher, cuffs and a drawstring hem will make the winter warmer.


The military jacket is invariably successfully combined with jeans and green cargo jumpsuit. Such casual tandems always look stylish and harmonious. Until recently, there was an unspoken rule: a free top model is combined only with fitted silhouettes. Fortunately, the tradition is over. Now, oversized bows are listed as trendy. Not only skinny but also boyfriends, pipes, baggy sweatpants and even camouflage cargo can make up the company of a trendy couture.



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