Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn. Which Season Is Best For Fruit Tree Pruning?

One good thing about the fruit tree is that you can perform pruning on it in almost every season be it winter, spring, summer, or autumn. Today we will talk about getting done with your prune in different seasons of the year and the result shows the tree’s health and overall productivity. Some want their tree to get reduced by a few inches in height which kept growing into a huge tree while others are looking for a boost in the growth rate of your tree when it is still a young plant.

Choosing the right time and right method to get done with the prune of your trees will help you to accomplish the set targets. If you are wondering about the correct methods you can just contact the professionals from tree services Sydney who will get the job done with the correct equipment.

But when you are planning to get the prune for your fruit trees make sure you are keeping all the various factors in mind. If your tree is diseased or some broken branches are hanging barely or the regular food production which you have from the tree is not up to the mark in terms of quality as well as quantity.

The weather-based factors are kept in consideration in situations like if you are living in a comparatively colder climate region where the pruning process is very risky during the late summer and autumn. Just like these, there can and should come various queries in your mind before you get started and we will tell you how to deal with them in this article. 


During the fall, the tendency to gather out all the energy from its beautiful waving green leaves and making a backup system for the winters by the tree can be seen. Once the storage system has been built, the tree starts giving up on those trees after making them dry and brown.

Winter also suppresses the growth of any kind of fruit and your tree is thriving on a very little amount of nutrients stored in the backup system and it keeps the tree going during the tough winter. That said, pruning in the winter system gets you a fantastic result because the tree is practically dormant.

The open structure of the tree makes the whole process even smoother and the right cuts can be made. Some however avoid pruning in this season based on their type of tree and the recovery rate. In such cases, they prefer to get the prune done in late winter. 


Spring comes and along with it, we welcome the longer days and warm weather where your tree starts getting new leaves and fruits, bidding goodbye to the winter dormancy. The amount trees have stored for surviving the harsh winters now comes in handy in giving a boost in their growth during the spring. The buds will burst open, new leaves will show their beautiful colors, and fruits start to emerge in this period.

The experts from tree services Sydney says pruning in this season is very much preferred once all the buds and leaves have started emerging. The reason why it is chosen is that during this period you can identify and get rid of the damaged branches for which the winters were pretty harsh.


After such a beautiful spring where all the trees were busy blooming at their best, it is time for them to slow down a bit because most of the nutrients from their stored system might be getting used up. The summer acts like the nutrient collecting period where the tree starts piling it up for the winters. Since most of the nutrient’s storage is over and your tree can’t grow at a rapid speed, getting your tree prune now will turn beneficial especially for those who were looking to cut down on the size of the tree.


After the passage of sunny days of the summer, your tree is ready with a huge pile of backup ready for them and this is all done by the process called photosynthesis. Now that the summer has passed and the weather starts getting cool the tree prepares itself for another dormancy period by transferring all that back up to the root system of it.

Now if you look to prune the tree, the results won’t be great since doing a prune on the branch will eventually leave a pruning wound exposed. However, the pruning would be great during the growing season because the tree can heal itself within days with a layer of protective cells.

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