Why KN95 Respirator Should Be Your First Choice

Wearing a 3M 9542V face mask is essential during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to protect yourself from viruses and diseases. Some people think it is not worth wearing, but they don’t know how beneficial respiratory masks are. Here, in this article, you will learn about everything related to respiratory masks. Let’s start with the importance of respiratory protection. 

The importance of respiratory protection

The main goal of respiratory protection is to safeguard everyone from specific types of diseases that are developed due to contact with hazardous elements such as fumes, gases, specks of dust, sprays, and fogs. You may find it challenging to wear a 3M 9542 face mask, but you should never be ignored it. You may not be aware that not taking appropriate measures will lead you to cancer, lung problems, and several other airborne diseases. These are not the only reasons to wear respiratory masks all the time in this Coronavirus pandemic. 

Certain Benefits to wear Respiratory Masks

Provides Incomparable Protection From Hazardous Elements

In pandemic readiness studies, the respiratory masks were rigorously tested, and it was concluded that it offers adequate protection against many materials, such as H1N1 Avian Grippe and SARS. It is also in compliance with ASTM F1862 fluid penetration and splashes resistance specifications as a “high barrier” class 160 mmHg. It also follows TB exposure regulation CDC Guidelines.

It also offers you 100% bacterial and viral filtration efficiency. The Respiratory mask even exceeds the outstanding NIOSH breathability output criteria for a funnel. It also eliminates the movement of micro-organisms and other airborne particles, reducing wearer airborne particles to 0.1 microns, rendering the airborne airborne airborne airborne breather suitable for laser and electric cooking operations.

In A Flat or Moulded Alternative Available

Flat fold:

Thin and seamless structure for additional warmth with a light inner layer. The elastic headbands are welded into the outer layers so that pressure points are reduced. Extremely lightweight, which makes wearer fatigue less relaxed and longer than most similar respirators, is 33 percent lighter than most similar respirators—universal breather to fit almost every form/size. 


Lightweight and durable exterior shield to stop the mask’s fall, with a soft interior coating for comfort and comfort. It is also helpful to reduce the wearer’s discomfort, which makes wear time longer and more convenient.

Compatibility and Sanitation Packaging

The flat-folding masks are sold in 20-unit cases. Per mask is bagged to hygiene separately and is preferably built to slip into a pocket before it becomes necessary. In a box of 20 units, molded masks often become a single plastic bag to ensure that the box is not uncovered or infected. The tearaway part of the plastic sleeve is quickly opened and disperse.

Completely Allergy-free

Latex, PVC, and silicone-free is the Respirator mask, making it feasible for those susceptible to such fabrics. They are disposable, but there is no hassle until they can be disinfected. Make sure you purchase your mask from a great manufacturer such as Better Life Mart

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