Why it’s Time to Prioritize Your Digital Presence Solutions

Marketing is the backbone of a business. It helps in transferring, promoting, and moving goods to potential customers. Effective marketing is essential for businesses’ survival because this is what eventually drives sales. Choosing the right marketing strategy is of fundamental importance for any business advertiser. Due to the advancement in information technology, people are much more connected to each other than ever before. It implies that market trends are regular, frequent, and influential and are readily noticed by clients and prospects. 

Which type of marketing strategy should be chosen?

Traditional marketing vs. digital marketing: what are their differences, and which one is more effective for a business? Business’ success depends on choosing the right marketing methods and is a crucial question for marketer’s intellect. Between the tried and tested conventional advertising and the latest and innovative procedures of digital presence solutions, there are numerous ways for business organizations to catch their crowds’ attention. The key to a successful promotion campaign is to establish a balance between the two methods. These 2 are the yin and yang of modern day’s marketing strategies. Both have a significant part in promoting a good or service and work best when applied in unison.

Digital Services Company in Chicago will help you find and provide just the right balance between the two marketing methods. Let’s get to know what they are and what roles they play in bringing up business growth.

What is Digital Marketing? 

Simply put, digital marketing makes use of digital channels for promotional purposes, such as social media apps and websites for marketing and promotional communication. 

This form of advertising is quite common now, and you might have seen the adverts and pop up ads that appear while you surf the internet. That is an example of digital marketing.

Different types of digital marketing channel include:

  • Social media ( such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on) 
  • Advertisement through websites 
  • Affiliate advertising 
  • PPC (pay per click)
  • Email advertising 
  • Inbound marketing
  • SEM (Search engine marketing)
  • Content advertising 

What is traditional marketing? 

On the other hand, traditional marketing uses traditional channels such as print media, billboards, TV ads, etc. For a very long period, digital marketing practically has been the only and effective kind of marketing method until the advent of the internet during the ’90s.

Traditional marketing revolves around the mediums that can be utilized without the web or internet. These are the techniques that have been around for quite a long time and are somewhat used less frequently. Nonetheless, they have their strengths and still got a powerful impact upon the masses.

Different types of traditional marketing channels include

  • Ads in newspapers, booklets, and magazines, etc
  • Text notification and calls on the telephone 
  • Directly sent coupons, informational packets, postcards, etc
  • Radio or television advertisements
  • Billboards, brochure, pamphlets, and fliers, etc 

Comparing Traditional marketing ways with Digital marketing methods

We know the primary difference between the two methods is between the medium through which a group of people (target audience) get a marketing message. Traditional marketing uses newspapers, magazines, and TV ads, whereas digital marketing uses websites and other social media.

One thing important to understand here is that traditional marketing does not mean it is outdated or useless. It still has a powerful impact on people’s life and buying behaviors along with the digital world. 

Pros of Traditional Marketing

Permanency of printed marketing media: If you get an ad published in a popular magazine, it is bound to remain there until and unless the magazine is recycled or torn to bits. And that is a big thing because it has a chance to get to people for a more extended period.

1. It is more memorable

Exhibitions, door to door campaigns, beautiful window displays are sure to get more attention in a customer’s mind than a show seen on Instagram while scrolling down. In this way, we can say that seeing something in real life makes it more memorable and impactful to the masses. Something seen on social media will be scrolled down in seconds and quickly forgotten.

2. Effective and simple

A visually catchy and bold billboard or a television commercial that is striking is sure to affect people’s day-to-day lives. They are easy to understand and often engaging and entertaining. 

Cons of Traditional Marketing

1. A campaign’s effects can’t be measured effectively

There are specific approaches, such as brand trackers, to measure traditional marketing campaigns’ approximate results. Yet, they are not even close to the detail or intelligence with which the digital marketing outcomes are measured. 

2. Much expensive than digital marketing

Marketing in magazines or television ads is way too expensive and complicated for newly established brands.

3. No immediate response from the buyer

With traditional marketing strategies, you’re pretty much in the dark about your customers’ thoughts about your marketing efforts as you are not in direct contact with them once the purchase has been made.

Pros of Digital Marketing

1. Much more interactive

Web-based media can genuinely show you what your audience thinks about your brand and promoting efforts. The number of likes, dislikes, shares, and number of positive or negative comments tell you whether you are doing something right or not. 

2. Campaigns effects can be measured

Contrary to traditional advertising, tracking specifics such as sign-ups, site speed, keywords, traffic trends, conversions, and many other analytical factors can be easily measured in detail. This makes clear where do you stand and what should be your next round of promoting endeavors. 

3. Allows lean targeting of the audience 

If you get to know that your potential client is a 36 years old lady who runs a gym and loves skiing, then you more likely to create highly customized content tailored specifically for her needs. 

Cons of Digital Marketing 

1. Digital promotions can be annoying at times

You will scroll through your Instagram or Facebook account to see what your old school friends are up to, but all you see again and again are adverts s from a clothing brand, and a teaching institute is so damn annoying. Or you are searching the net for information on a particular topic, but the site you open leads to gaming software is pissing. It’s undoubtedly going to make you detest the brands for doing the over smart targeting.

2. Less lasting 

A print ad is going to last until it is recycled­­­­­­, whereas the Google ad, promo email, the banner is gone the moment you click on the next page or scroll down. They can be easily ignored and aren’t long-lasting.

3. Continually develops 

To take maximum advantage of your digital marketing efforts, you need a pro for each channel. For the most part, every channel requires it’s own trained professional, from social media marketing to search engine marketing, because new features are updated continuously in these social media apps.

Discover what’s right for your business

Is it time to choose between the two marketing strategies? See how the US’s best digital marketing agency guides you to choose the best method for your business. 

It is a multi-channel world, and there’s no one winner in this race of marketing world. While digital marketing keeps developing and growing, traditional marketing channels continue to be essential for a wide range of organizations. Eventually, both methods have their plus points and downfall; however, the key is to understand your particular marketing needs, target audience, and budget.  

  • Target Audience

While thinking about which promoting methodology is best for your business, think about your target audience, where they get their data from, what interests them and then use it to make your decision. 

  • Cost and expenses 

The physical nature of traditional marketing adds cost. In comparison, digital marketing offers affordable options. Decide by keeping in mind your budget.

  • Feedback

With open line communication of digital marketing, it is simpler to know how clients react to a mission. 

Wrapping up

So the essential point is, it is not essentially correct that one form of advertising is better than the other. Both types do well for businesses, as long as they know their customers’ choices and as long as it is financially feasible for the business. But the fact is that every company or business organization in today’s world needs a digital presence to survive successfully in the modern world. The opportunities it provides are immense and success grand!

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