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Faux Wood Blinds – What to Know Before You Buy

Some people think faux is a negative thing, while others see it as an insult. Although faux cheese is not as good as Stilton, there are times when faux wood blinds perform better than real wood.

Faux wood blinds with a high-quality wood effect mimic natural wood grain. Fake wood can look so much like real wood that it is difficult to tell the difference.

This white wood window blinds treatment offers more than just style. Here’s how faux wood blinds compare with real wood, as well as how you can measure your windows in order to get the best fit.


Faux Wood Blinds Features

Faux wood blinds are often a type or venetian blind. These blinds can be made using slats attached to a headrail with a cord, or decorative tape.

Most of these blinds come with a matching wooden vale to cover the headrail. Fake wooden blinds have matching valances. The slats can be made from PVC, vinyl, or a wood blend.

white wood window blinds

Faux-wood blinds will perform better in high white wood window blinds than in narrower ones. Venetian blinds will bow in the middle if the slats are too long.

If you have windows that are larger than 244cm, you will need to add multiple panels of wood blinds. Light can get in from the edges. Vertical blinds work well for large windows, if you don’t have the space to install multiple blinds.


Faux wood venetian blinds won’t block out light, unlike roman blinds. They can block 90-95% depending on their width.

Most faux wood venetians use a larger size slat to block more light. Therefore, a 50mm thick faux wood blind will offer better light blocking than an aluminum venetian shutter with a 25mm slat.

This white wood window blinds treatment is not designed to block 100% of the sunlight, but it will provide better light control than any other blind. To direct the light how you like, you can angle, lower or raise the slats.

Let’s imagine that faux wood venetians are added to your kitchen. Direct sunlight hits your windows in the afternoon. You can position the slats so that they face your counter, illuminating your work surface and keeping the afternoon sun from reaching your eyes.

Faux Wood Blinds vs. Real Wood Blinds

The features shared by faux and real wood blinds are the same as those of venetians. The main differences are in how they look, how durable, how well they can be cared for, and the price.

There are a number of wood grain options for faux and real wooden blinds, including dark and lighter wood stains, bright and dark grey, driftwood, dark grey, and dark white. You have two options: match your decor or use color for a completely different look.

A white venetian shade will brighten dark spaces and a dark wood stain will make it seem cozier.

Faux wood will look natural, so most people won’t even notice the difference. The natural grain of wood is stunning to the eyes. Each slat is unique in its grain pattern when made of real wood.

The venetian blinds are made of real wood and will complement the furniture in your living, dining, or kitchen.

High-quality faux wooden blinds can last up to twice as long than real wood blinds. Faux wood does not crack or warp as easily like real wood. It is water resistant, so it’s an excellent choice for bathrooms as well as kitchens.

It is also a strong choice for children’s rooms due to its durability. Blinds with safety features for children can give you peace of mind.

Faux and real wood blinds will not work well in conservatories as the rooms are so hot that they can warp them both.

white wood window blinds

Fake and real wood blinds are easy to clean. Just wipe the individual slats. Faux wood blinds require less effort to clean, as they can be wiped down with any household cleaner.

To prevent the wood blinds from drying out, you’ll need to use a wood cleaning product. You can prolong the lifespan of real wood blinds by applying a wood wax, or wood oil, if they become dry.


Faux wood costs less than real wood. Faux wood blinds will cost you less than real wood, so if you can’t afford to buy them for every white wood window blinds in your house, then consider adding them to one room, such as a bay or living room.


Window Blind Measuring Guidelines


Good window blinds will be made-to-measure. Before you order the set of white faux wooden venetians, measure the windows. First, determine whether the blinds you choose will fit inside or outside the window recess.

To ensure that your blinds fit in your window recess properly, measure within the recess in three locations for the drop and width. Measure the width across the recess at the bottom, center, and top.

When ordering, the smallest of these three measurements will be used. Measure down the recess along the left, middle and right sides. The smallest measurement is used when ordering.


To make sure your blinds do not extend beyond your white wood window blinds recess or to your liking, measure the wall along the distance from the location you want them to start to the end. Measure the drop from where your blinds are to be mounted to the top of the headrail.


When placing an order, make sure to not confuse the width and drop measurements. If you are confused about your measurements at any stage, take a deep breath and stop. Take a deep breath. You can measure again. Take another measurement.


Go Faux for Long-Lasting Style

Faux wooden blinds can give you the authentic look of wood but with a lower price and added durability. Faux wood blinds can be easily maintained and will allow you to control your home’s light more effectively than any other type of blind.

Our large selection of faux wood blinds will help you decide how faux wood will look inside your home. We offer free samples so you can see how the blinds would look with your decor.

All of our blinds come standard with a 5-year warranty. These blinds will last many years and be enjoyed by your entire family.

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