Which is the better refrigerator: Whirlpool or Haier?

Both highly praised and recognized, Whirlpool and Haier are neck-to-neck in every aspect. Here’s a look at both the companies and their offerings in the world of refrigerators. Both Whirlpool and Haier are big names in the world of refrigerators. Let us try to analyze where both the companies have their stronger holds and look at some of their trademark models.

Whirlpool refrigerators

Refrigerators today are not limited to just cooling our food. They have become smarter with features like voice command. At the forefront of this revolution was Whirlpool. Be it their mini-fridges, double door fridges, or their giant four-door models; they have brought quality and innovation into all their products.

Basic Whirlpool refrigerators like Vitamagic Pro 200L Single Door Refrigerator features the 6th Sense IntelliFrost Technology that can cool and defrost intuitively with the help of a temperature sensor. Additionally, its 6th Sense VitaMagic Technology can prevent vegetables from ripening, by ensuring up to 40% longer vitamin preservation.

Whirlpool’s IceMagic range of refrigerators has Insulated Capillary Technology that can keep the inside cooling intact for up to 12 hours. Additionally, the W series from Whirlpool, featuring four-door refrigerators come with advanced 3D Airflow Technology that also ensures freshness for a long time.

The brand’s double door refrigerators also come with convertible freezers. The IntelliFresh 500 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator boasts of the impressive MicroBlock Technology that ensures that your stored food is devoid of bacterial growth, keeping them healthy and fresh.

In terms of space, Whirlpool refrigerators have Adapta Shelves that can morph into different sizes as per the requirements. Most Whirlpool refrigerators also have a 3-star rating, which highlights the company’s consistent efforts in producing products that are energy-efficient.

Haier refrigerators

Haier is renowned for its effective fridges that come at highly affordable costs. This is a great aspect, where Haier has an edge over the competition like Samsung and LG. Haier also offers excellent double door refrigerators that can cool and preserve the food with ease.

The HRB-3404BS-E Bottom Mounted Haier Refrigerator supports 360-degree cooling, which makes the cold air circulate throughout the fridge, thus keeping the air inside fresh. Furthermore, like most Haier fridges, this double door fridge also has a 3-star rating, which means you don’t need to worry about your electricity bills.

Models like the HRF-2783BKS-E also have a Twin energy-saving mode that can save up to 15 to 30% of energy in convertible mode.

Haier has not kept its innovations limited to just single door and double door fridges. The brand introduced their Haier HRB-758SIKGU1 Smart Refrigerator that is Android-based and can uplift the mood of the kitchen with its ability to stream songs and videos of your choice.

This model has a smart preservation feature that decelerates ripening, and a Triple Cooling System that can efficiently program the optimum temperature for your fridge. Not just that, you can always get a bigger fridge zone by adjusting the temperature of the convertible zone from the freezer to the fridge.


Both Whirlpool and Haier have their own USPs in technologies, but both look to be extremely efficient in their own ways, in terms of cooling, space, and power consumption. However, Haier might have slightly cheaper models.

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