Which is the best preschool in Pune

The preschool years of a child typically shape his/her future schooling and education and are thus extremely crucial stepping-stones for toddlers. Pune is renowned across India and the globe as a major educational hub and a point of integration for students enroled in various courses. With regards to preschools, Global Indian International School consists of a branch in Pune and is emerging as one of the best nursery schools in Pune.

Recognized by the Times School Online Education survey 2020 as the best school in teaching excellence, GIIS Pune is dedicated towards providing inclusive and holistic education to its students while ensuring their all-round development. The school follows the Global Montessori Plus Program, which seeks to innovatively integrate the renowned Maria Montessori approach to teaching with the modern learning strategies. This one-of-a-kind teaching strategy ensures that preschool students avail of the best of both the worlds in terms of quintessential school teaching and leveraging modern strategies.

The foundation of GIIS Pune’s preschool course lies in the following 5 aspects which it considers its pillars of strength:

  • The Excelerate Program: This programme leverages the four basic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking to facilitate language fluency, better communication skills and proficiency in rudimentary arithmetic skills.
  • Multi-faceted learning: One of the distinguishing features of GIIS Pune is that it provides individual attention to every child as well as his/her unique capabilities and learning pace. Such an individualistic approach ensures that every child’s specific requirements are considered and individual plans devised accordingly.
  • iPlay Program: The iPlay program focuses on helping a child to learn by means of play. Sports and co-curricular activities are extremely important to ensure that a toddler explores the world around and that his/her knowledge is not limited to books. This program provides children with choices in terms of selecting their playmates, games and methods of playing. At the same time, teachers constantly supervise the students to ensure that they are safe and do not engage in negative behaviours. Such a programme allows students to exercise their choices while also taking responsibility for their actions.
  • iCare Program: The iCare program organizes activities like gardening and charity drives to sensitize students towards the environment and the world around them. Inculcating an awareness in students at an early age about their social and environmental responsibilities can have a lasting positive effect on their lives. GIIS Pune aims to set this foundation for them.
  • Future Ready Program: The future ready program emphasizes on the significance of adapting to the latest scientific and technological developments and adjusting to the 21st Century era. It follows the ‘Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics’ (STEAM) approach to education, focusing on a child’s proficiency in each of these areas to shape them into well-adjusted individuals.

Leveraging modern education technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure, GIIS Pune ensures that a child’s first memories of school and education are pleasant and enriching.

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