What translation words are hard to translate to Spanish?

Sometimes we may find ourselves articulate as we may find ourselves at the loss of words. This occurs especially when we are in intense situations. Many people make the use of more than one language that will help to identify their feelings or describe something. This happens especially to those that make the use of more than one language to express their feelings. One of the most common languages that contain non-English words and is hard to translate is the Spanish language. Thus, if you need to translate words in the Spanish language then you can take translation services from experts. They will professionally translate your specific language into the desired one without any errors.

Those people who are not used to speak the Spanish language find it more difficult to translate the words. Thus, you need to take care of some essential aspects while translating the words. You can also take help from translation experts that can easily translate the words in the Spanish language. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the words that are hard to translate into the Spanish language.


Words that are difficult to translate in Spanish

The words will not cover the exact meaning of languages when they are translated. Thus, it is important to take help from translation experts that provide translation services to easily convert even the difficult words in the desired language. There are some words that require a deeper look into the context to understand the meaning of a term.

If we take the example, then the English word “Awkward” means something that will cause difficulty. It has various synonyms that include embarrassment, inconvenience, etc. But in the Italian language, its closest word is scomodo. If you are thinking that this word has a similar meaning as that of awkward, then no, it does not contain the full meaning of an awkward word.


The same works for other languages like Spanish. Thus, when you take translation services from experts, then they will take care of essential points in mind while translating words with similar meanings. Here we have created a list of English words that are difficult to translate to Spanish. So, let us get started with the list below.


  • Jinx: The meaning of this word is the person who brings bad luck. It can be used as a subject or a verb. There is no single word that will be equivalent to this word. So, we can consider this word to be hardly translated.
  • Flash Card: If you are going to translate this word from the English language to the Spanish language then you may find difficulty in translating this word. You can use Tarjetas de memoria for translating this word, or tarjeta mnemotécnica o de ayuda pedagógica. So, you need to make use of translation services from experts.
  • To pin: This quite fashionable word is difficult to translate to the Spanish language. This word has been used in different social media like Pinterest to pin posts or categories. But, when it comes to the translation of this word to Spanish, then you surely get a problem. So, what to do instead? Take help from translation service providers that have the knowledge to translate hard words from English to the Spanish language. When we write this word in Spanish, then it will be shown as sujetar con alfileres, but it actually means to hold the pin not to pin post. Therefore, we have recommended you make use of professional translation services to translate these words.
  • Double-check: Again the word, that you find difficult to translate to the Spanish language is Double-check. This can be quite funny, but this is true that this word is hard to translate. Those who have knowledge of Spanish language can translate this word to Spanish and write it as “comprobar de nuevo” or volver a comprobar. They make the use of several synonyms to make the correct meaning of this word.
  • To realize: Who thought that this simple English word will be difficult to translate in the Spanish language. In Spanish, you can translate it to realizar but this will not be similar to this word. If you write realizar then it means to make or to carry. This means that you are using reflexive verbs for the translation. That word is not even close to the “to realize” word. Therefore, it is considered to be the most difficult word to translate in the Spanish language. Thus, you can take help from professionals who provide translation services and translate words in an error-free way.
  • Toe: Another small word that becomes hard to translate in the Spanish language is Toe. In the English language, the toe has a simple meaning i.e. it is the part of your body. But who thought that this word will be difficult to translate when it comes to the Spanish language. So, for translating this small word into another language, you need to hire translation experts that will easily translate the difficult words easily.
  • Fundraise: You must have read this word on many non-profit organization websites. This English word is also difficult to translate when it comes to translating it in Spanish. This is because, if you translate this word, then it will become more complicated and make the incorrect meaning. Those who are a beginner in the Spanish language would not try to even translate this word. This means that you need to take help from professionals that can search well and translate the language in a meaningful way.



In this article, we have mentioned different sets of words that are difficult to translate into Spanish. These words do not have similar meanings in the Spanish language and thus are difficult to translate. If you are creating sentences using these words, then we recommend you to take translation services from experts that can easily create a meaningful sentences with these words. We hope that you have found enough information in this article. You can read our more posts regarding word translation.

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