What is an MCM scholarship?

Scholarships are a boon for meritorious students, especially for those who are underprivileged, as it provides them with a lot of educational benefits. It eases their financial burden and adds a lot of value to their CV. One such scholarship is the Mahatma GMerit-Cum-Means (MCM) scholarship that is given by the Central and State Government as well as private institutions like the Global Indian International School to the meritorious students who have a weak economic background to help them with their studies.

Scholarship: A Golden Opportunity for Students

A Merit-Cum-Means scholarship is a golden opportunity for meritorious students. Some scholarships offer 100% waiver while others 75% waiver on tuition and hostel fees. Depending upon the scholarships , the scholarship is a great opportunity for students who have the talent but lack the means to get the right education. 

Many people have the wrong impression that an MCM scholarship is usually given to the students during their post-graduation or under-graduation. Many schools also offer the scholarship to students in classes XI and XII. 

MCM Eligibility Criteria

The criteria for eligibility differs, but in most cases the eligibility is based on the past academic performance. Some may prefer conducting exams and interviews before selecting the students while others may choose the winners based on exam results. The criteria will depend on the scholarship that you are applying for and you need to visit the website of the school to know if you fit the bill.

Students who are applying for the scholarship must keep all their documents updated like their academic report cards, certificate for the annual income of the family, category certificate, identity cards, etc. The students must submit all their documents within the given time so that they don’t get disqualified. The best example of the Merit-Cum-Means scholarship is Mahatma Gandhi Universal Values Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship by the Global School Foundation (GSF) for school students. There are many such initiatives and programs that have been contributing to the educational requirements of students.

The MCM scholarship is not a new scholarship program. A lot of universities and schools provide this under different names. The selected students get recognition and they stand out from the crowd. Interested students must work hard to get this scholarship as it can change their entire future and bring them closer to success along with earning them the life they would have always dreamt for themselves and their family. They can continue their education without being a burden on their parents. 

Students can support their families and also contribute to society. It also makes it easy for the students to get admission in the desired college or get a good job. Hard work and determination are the two important factors for getting the Merit-Cum-Means scholarship. The students and their achievements act as an inspiration for other students from the same background and want to improve themselves. It is a great initiative by the Government and other private institutes. It is never too late to start working hard towards your future. Don’t let anything come in between.

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