What are the best authentic foods in Singapore?

Foods in Singapore has been assembled to develop cuisines that are unique and therefore bears cultural influences from across the globe. From Indonesian and Chinese to Southern Indian influences you will find a range of foods that also includes significant Malay cuisine. In this blog, you will get to check out authentic Singaporean dishes that you should dig in while you are here.

Selecting the best authentic dishes and food to highlight can be quite an overwhelming task. There are several similarities to the Malaysian food style and with the country offering a wide array of its dishes to choose from. We have made a list of the most famous dishes in Singapore, which will let you take the culinary ride across the island to learn about the most authentic food in the lion city.

Best Foods in Singapore

  • Chili CrabThis is an iconic Singaporean seafood dish that is cooked up with delicious crabs. The two famous style diversion of this food are crab with black pepper sauce and spicy tomato chilli sauce Singapore crab.
  • Hainanese ChickenHainanese chicken is served with light soy sauce over fragrant rice. The toppings used are mainly sesame oil, cilantro, and a dash of garlic-chilli sauce. The rice has its unique fragrance of ginger and pandan leaves that are mixed with the chicken broth that it is cooked in.
  • Nasi LemakThis is a family dish that is typically served with chicken wings or deep-fried fish, fried anchovies, grilled fish paste. Added are eggs, peanuts, slices, cucumber and a spicy chilli paste, sambal.
  • Otak-OtakThis is a popular street food made with the fillet of fish which is steamed or grilled fish cake. This dish can be eaten as a side dish and wrapped in a banana leaf, with a side of rice.

Singapore is popularly known as the paradise for food enthusiasts. You can switch between a variety of unique flavours and dishes that the country’s multi-ethnic culture has in store for you. Set your mind to eat and leave restaurants with a full belly every time you look to venture into food in this exciting city.

This is one of those rare places on earth, where you can enjoy high-quality and diversified dishes for a couple of bucks. To get more information on how to become a student in the Singaporean city log on to our website.

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