Unisex Fashion – Do We Really Need It?

If there were only unisex clothes in the world, we all would have so much variety to choose from, wouldn’t we! But that’s not the sole reason why unisex clothes exist or matter. In case you are here wondering does the world really need unisex clothing, let’s dive into this article together to find the answer.

Most fashion trends are fleeting. They come, make an impression, and the next thing you know, they disappear. Is unisex fashion one of them? Nope.

What is Unisex Fashion?

These are the type of clothes designed without a particular gender in mind. Like a pair of khaki cargo pants that any gender can wear. Society has been dictating men and women what to wear for a long time now. It often starts at school age when boys are supposed to wear blue and girls are supposed to wear pink. Unisex fashion has put an end to all of it. For some, it represents a lot more than mere clothing. In the current times, it’s hard to break the metaphorical walls and create equality. With unisex clothes, we can say it’s one small step to bringing change.

Now, unisex fashion has set a new standard in the industry. More and more brands are acknowledging it.

How Is Gender Neutral Fashion Changing the World?

Unisex clothes on the runway are slowly translating to acceptance of gender fluidity in ways of dressing. It’s not a commercial marketing agenda. And it’s not a fad that will be worn by a bunch of hipsters for a while. In fashion, your voice matters. For so long, fashion houses have been the arbiters of taste and culture.  As fashion spreads from a few people to more, it is a sign that it’s gaining acceptability. This fashion trend is already changing the world. Here’s how:

It has something for everyone

Unisex clothes have something for everyone. You can wear whatever you like and nobody will frown. Call it the passive protest that is trickling into every fabric slowly.

Slower fashion cycle

Did you know that fast fashion is a significant contributing factor in destroying this planet? Unisex fashion has been rotating this trend. And anything that slows down fast fashion is great for everyone. There is less need for adaptation.

No gender stereotyping

The best quality of gender-neutral clothing is that it is helping children understand their personalities. They don’t have to wear clothes selected by society because they are a boy or a girl. Instead, they can pick and choose whatever they like. Girls can wear superhero dresses whereas boys can wear dresses. Unisex clothing is breaking the glass ceiling of gender stereotypes.

The question of fit

How clothes fit is a subjective matter. One person cropped could be another person’s too short. So the question that whether unisex clothing works, boils down to whether they fit.

It is not unisex if the item fits you. That’s why unisex clothes are often shapeless like sweatshirts. The tops (coats, jackets, shirts, etc.) Usually have the same cut regardless of gender. However, for the bottoms, the cut needs to be different for women because of their body shapes.

Top Unisex Fashion Brands

Are you interested in gender-neutral clothing? Here is a list of exclusively unisex brands:

JW Anderson

Ever since its inception, this brand has been blurring the lines between masculine and feminine clothes. It’s a London based brand and it makes clothes for a range of body shapes.


This isn’t a strictly unisex brand but it has a unisex range featuring versatile designs and silhouettes. Its soma collection is a lineup of modern pieces including a belted coat for all body types.

Rad Hourani

The clothes made by this brand are ageless, genderless, and limitless. Their clothes are for everyone. There come from no race, religion, or nation. Plus, you can wear them anywhere even at home. Their unisex wrapped shirts are all the rage these days. You might want to check them out.


It’s one of the brands that are deeply passionate about producing gender-neutral clothes.  Their wide-legged trousers and chore jackets are worth have a look at. They use fabrics like pure linen and corduroy for their collection. Another great quality of LaneFortyFive is that all their clothes are handmade.

Summing Up

Gender-neutral clothes aren’t going to replace traditional fashion entirely but this style is here to stay and it has been successful in making its mark. So many people have shown acceptability. Even big fashion houses like Gucci have held fashion weeks featuring unisex clothes. Nevertheless, this fashion trend has played a significant role in blurring the lines between male and female fashion statements. What really is surprising is that even some of the mainstream fitness brands are promoting general neutral accessories. They have introduced unisex fitness accessories like watches also. Doesn’t that make you happy! Slowly, unisex will penetrate more industries and take us by surprise.

Still not sold on the idea of unisex fashion? You don’t have to! At least this fashion has helped further the dialogue of gender and identity in our society. And that is more important than the clothes or this trend.

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