5 Versatile Types of Fabrics in Indian Clothing Industry

India is known for its richness in everything. In this blog, Oasis Clothes presents five varied textiles, namely silk, organza, crepe, soft net and georgette found in the Indian market. These types of fabric are mainly used for heavy outfits. Sarees, lehenga, and gowns are few of the dresses, where these fabrics are commonly used. Organza, the crepe is made from silk traditionally whereas net and georgette combine a few elements of silk.

Read till end about these fabrics to get a better perspective:


Silk, it is a famous fabric in India. Being a natural fibre, it’s eco-friendly and constitutes less harm to the environment. This fabric is made naturally by silk cocoons and is quite expensive. Silk is a luxurious, soft and strong fibre at the same time. And is famous for saree and lehenga. There is a variety of silk available but MUGA silk which is famous in India. Produced in Assam, MUGA is rare silk and is known for its shimmering texture. 


This types of fabric is traditionally made from silk. Organza is a sheer fabric, though nowadays it’s woven from synthetic as well. It is a lightweight fabric and that’s why it is mostly liked. Mainly used in evening wear and bridal dresses, this fabric has its place in the Indian market. Sheer skirts and sarees are also in trend.


Crepe, also called crape sometimes is another famous fabric. Like organza, it was also traditionally made from silk. But, now it is made from silk, wool or synthetic fibre. Due to its naturally crinkled surface, wrinkles on crepe are unnoticeable. Best worn in summers, the crepe is famous for bridal wears, skirts and a variety of clothes.


Net is very trendy types of fabric in Indian market at present. Dresses like lehenga and gowns always have some part of the net used. There are different fabrics available in the market. Also, it can vary by the size of holes on fabric. Mostly nylon net is sold in markets but it is somewhat hard. Whereas, silk net is softest. With the high demand for the net, the material is quite expensive as well. It is a light fabric and mostly used in dupatta as well.


The oldest fabric in the Indian market is georgette. Originally made from crepe silk, now it can also be made by synthetic fibres. There are different types of georgette such as silk, satin and so on. Georgette has been in use for a very long time. It is a thick fabric. But it is lightweight at the same time. 

As georgette can be draped easily on another fabric so it is mostly used in blouses, saree and gowns. Georgette is the first choice of many designers. In India, the sarees are mainly made by silk georgette. The sarees made from this fabric are ideal for any event, either traditional or western parties. 

We are sure this blog would have made you aware of your best fabrics.

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