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Civil engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the design, construction, and analysis of buildings, roads, bridges, dams, canals, etc. One of the vast engineering prospects for every aspirant. It is one such branch which is more practical and one of the keys to undergo a site visiting every time. You need to visit the on-site now and then and explore something new. You are the one who is responsible for large projects and when it gets successful, you are the one who gets all the credit.


That is the quality of civil engineering. There are various civil engineering training that you can undertake to achieve that level of success in this field. These online civil engineering software courses are such that guarantee your placement in the competitive market. The only thing to keep in mind that these courses should be master well. Though, nobody has attained perfection. Still, you can work hard to gain proficiency in such software. Here we go.


AutoCAD for drafting & detailing– AutoCAD 3D civil is designing software that deals with civil engineering and supports Computer-Aided Design ( CAD ) and Building Information Modelling ( BIM ) workflows. One of the most popular software in the market for aspiring civil and structural engineers. It is easy to learn and any user who has the basic knowledge of computer. Extremely user-friendly that combines the latest techniques and modeling template giving users the experience they won’t forget.


It is the creative software to design and plant engineering projects. Such projects fall under various categories such as River dam development, Harbor port development, canals, Embankments, and constructional area development.


Highly equipped with all the latest design tools that are dynamic offers faster software implementation to organize project data, create block layout and layout of networks. One of the key software and must-haves for every civil engineer.


Many of the readers often get confused between AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3D. AutoCAD is a general software that is generic whereas AutoCAD 3D Civil is the software that corresponds to vertical program.




Things you show know about AutoCAD Civil 3D

  • This software has high performance in terms of Hotfix and batch save functionality.
  • In the latest version of this software, the DWG format has not changed.
  • A lot of things have been implemented like vertical geometry enhancement.



Revit 3D modeling software– Revit 3D is Building Information Modelling ( BIM ) that deals with the high-quality 3D constructional design and various types of documentation. It is very user-friendly software so learning this software to the proficient level may make a maximum of three months for beginners who hasn’t till now touched the software. Though, mastering this software requires years of intensive hard work and dedication. On the internet, you will find a vast number of online courses that teach you about this software.


The good thing about this software that you can try the trial version of the software for 30 days after which you need to buy the software after which you can use this software on a go. The lifelike 3D models with a detailed report such as BOM and Bill of quality is extremely easy while you operate this software.


This software can easily replace AutoCAD Civil 3D due to fact that this software has everything that the user requires. The perfect quality combined with increased efficiency and productivity add to the tally. And to be an expert user, it is always advisable to focus on one civil engineering software rather than switching from one to other. Incorporated with cloud computing that is easy for civil engineers to store their information without facing the problem of questing for information they require.



STAAD Pro for structural analysis & design– research engineers have done tremendous hard work in creating some of the vital software in the market and STAAD pro is one of them. Originated in 1997 from there which was later taken by Bentley systems, it rose to immense fame for the following reasons.

  • It is fairly easy to learn and understand.
  • Support linear and P-delta analysis.
  • Result extraction is easy.
  • In STAAD pro, you can do various types of customization enabling the users to change the dimensions and style of their 2D and 3D drawings due to its powerful editor tool.

STAAD Pro is more on the advancer version of the design and analysis tool enabling the user to create the requisite modeling with ease and less time. It is used by civil engineers to accurately streamline data with architectural and MEP team. All kinds of structural models can easily be made on this design analysis software. You can download it for free of version STAAD pro V8i from its official site. It is one of the most

common software for analysis and designing a different kinds of structures.



ETABS a multistory Building & foundation design– It is the engineering software used for modeling, design, and reporting founded by Computers and Structures, Inc. it offers a single user platform that is not limited to window limited, manipulation views, and data views. Equipped with a very high number of design code that is easy to customize according to the client’s need. It is one such software that is used for the analysis of concrete shear walls, multi-story frames, and shear wall buildings.




Briefing the entire article, in short, it is worth saying that this software is vital for every engineer to learn especially in the structural or civil field. Out of these, all software plays equal importance. You cannot say that this or that software is good. All software is of equal caliber. The only thing you require is the utmost dedication and a high amount of concentration. After that, you can kickstart your dream career in this miraculous field.


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