Top 5 Smart Ways to Save on Clothing

Are you trying to control your excessive purchasing? Do you think that it is hard for you to stay within your budget every month? In that case, you’re at the right place. Because in this blog we’ll tell you 10 smart ways to save on clothing.

Studies show that women tend to purchase clothing items on a weekly basis. This goes against the 5% rule every month. According to this rule, experts believe that we should spend only 5% of our pay on clothing every month. Anything beyond that can potentially disturb our budget.

While saving up seems hard but it is surely possible. Even when you want to shop bridal dress online in Pakistan, you can save a lot of money. Top fashion brands like MBM offer reasonable formal outfits for you to shop bridal dresses online.

  • How Much to Spend Every Month on Clothing?

Honestly, you are not alone if you feel like you spend too much on clothing. According to studies, women look in the mirror at least 8 times a day. This fact shows that they care about how they look.

This obsession with how one looks is not only found in women but men too. Due to this, women, and men both end up purchasing more than their monthly budget can allow.

Keeping this situation in mind, experts propose the 5% budget rule for clothes. While this might seem impossible but many people around the world have adopted this rule. And interestingly, it has worked for them.

So, this is the best way to stop spending ‘too much’ on clothes.

  • How to Know If You’re Spending Too Much on Clothes?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. We have gathered five signs that can help you know when you are being too spendy!

  1. When you are spending more than you make, then that’s a big sign. Saving up is about looking out for your future. So, if you are earning and you are spending more than that on clothes every month then that’s a sign. You need to first set a budget to be sure of how much you are spending on clothes. Being aware of where your money is going is intelligent.
  2. When you are spending money that you already don’t possess. By this, we mean credit cards and bank loans. If you’re using money from such sources on clothes, then you are going to go into debt So, stop purchasing clothes through credit cards. Only do so when you have an actual need to purchase clothes.
  3. When you are using payment methods that make shopping easier for you. Again, credit cards make it easier for you to shop. A few clicks and you can purchase. Consider paying through cash so there is an element of discomfort. This way you might be unable to pay because you are not in possession of cash.
  4. When you have a habit of choosing credit over cash. Remember, that cash is the money you already have. Credit is the money you need to pay off later on. But you are not sure of what the future holds for you. You might have to buy some important object in an emergency. You can use credit in such situations. But cash should be the first preference.
  5. When you borrow money to buy things. You might not have done it yourself, but people borrow money from others to purchase clothes. This adds to their debt and this cycle never stops.
  • 10 Smart Tips to Save Money on Clothes

While there are hundreds of ways to save money, we have chosen 10 that would actually work for you. And these ways are smart too!

  1. Go for Thrifting!

Let’s remove a misconception first! Thrifting isn’t ‘cheap!’ Instead, it is really smart. Thrift shops offer good deals – that too with quality.

Interestingly, now we have thrift shops available online. On social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you can find hundreds of thrift shops with working websites.

Such shops offer deals like 3 sweats under 1000Rs/-

  1. Take Advantage of Off-Season Sales

Off-Season sales are offered only when a season is about to go. So, you can purchase summer items at the start of winter. Why? That’s because retailers want to get rid of the older stock. So they offer up to 70% off on various items.

You have to look out for such deals. What you can do is avoid purchasing any outfits through a certain season. But when a season ends, purchase the same outfits for half the price.

  1. Shop from Thrift Store Apps!

Thrift store apps offer deals, almost all year long. All you have to do is turn your notifications on for these apps.

This way you will stay updated on the deals these apps offer. You can use this to your advantage – that too, pretty easily!

  1. Look Out for Sale Emails!

Clothing companies that you have purchased from sending you emails when they have sales. People tend to mark them as spam. But if you are looking to save up money on clothes, it is a golden opportunity.

So, keep an eye out for these emails. You can keep a separate section in your mail for these sales emails. This way you won’t have to look for them to no avail.

  1. Sell the Items You Don’t Need Anymore!

There must be items in your wardrobe that you don’t need anymore. But are they in good condition? Then selling them off to thrift shops can help you earn some money.

You can use that to buy clothes. That’s saving money on clothes 101.

In the end, you must note that saving money comes from a strong will. You need to work on your will first. Otherwise, no matter how many such blogs you read, you still won’t be able to save money on clothes.

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