Top 5 Incredible Places to Discover in Ecuador

Let’s start with a small but essential premise: Ecuador is one of the most beautiful countries in Latin America. It has a bit of everything, different climates and microclimates (mostly tropical), high mountains thanks to the Andes mountain range, a lot of biodiversity in the Amazon area ( East ), and, above all, a gorgeous coast. And it is here that we find Guayaquil, the so-called “Pearl of the Pacific,” the most populous, most industrial, and “coolest” city in Ecuador. If you plan to explore the best places in Ecuador, try traveling with Spirit Airlines Reservations to have the best deals and discounts for a fantastic flying experience. Learn more about the top 5 incredible places to discover in Ecuador and explore every bit of this beautiful country.


The Colonial-Style center is the UNESCO world heritage site is an excellent place, full of churches and monuments, including the Plaza de San Francisco and the church that represents its fulcrum. The impressive and neo-Gothic Basilica of the National Vows is a must and the city’s view from its tower. Another view of the city and the volcanoes around Quito is the one enjoyed by taking the TeleferiQo, which takes you almost to Pichincha Volcano’s top. Hence Quito is a great start point to finish the top 5 incredible places to discover in Ecuador


Solar Cuenca is genuinely a wedding favor, one of the must-see things in Ecuador. The Plaza Abdon Calderon square is lovely, framed by colonial buildings and by the majestic church, a symbol of Cuenca, from which you have a beautiful 360 ° view of the city. On the southeastern edge of the colonial center, I also loved the Central Bank Museum on the current site of the Tomebamba excavations. The ruins can be seen at the Pumapungo Archaeological Park, which is part of the museum complex.


Ideal for relaxing for a couple of days, Banos acts as an essential spa of the country. The open-air night spa is beautiful with the cascade of hot water that descends directly from the Tungurahua volcano, which in addition to being majestic, is also one of the most active volcanoes in the world. From Banos, you can go on beautiful bike tours to the Amazon rainforest.  

Quilotoa Lagoon

A must-visit, the Quilotoa Lagoon takes your breath away. The lagoon, a blue-green glass of water, was formed inside a 3 km diameter caldera that collapsed following a violent eruption about 800 years ago. To get there, you need to cross the very characteristic Andean village of Zumbahua, where they make a beautiful livestock market. It indeed is worth among the list of top 5 incredible places to discover in Ecuador. 

Half of the Globe

Ecuador’s name comes from the equator, as the country is crossed by the imaginary line that represents the maximum circumference of the planet. A few kilometers north of Quito, there is a place much visited by tourists called Mitad del Mundo, which indicates the equator and one step is enough to move from the Northern to the Southern hemisphere. If you are looking to contact Spirit Airlines, you may directly contact the Spirit Airlines Telefono by dialing 1-806-256-8444. 

Enjoy your Ecuador vacation and have the best flying experience with Spirit Airlines reservation.

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