Ratangad post is a portion of the Kalsubai range, which comprises the absolute most noteworthy tops in the Sahyadris. Ratangad gives you the best perspectives on encompassing pinnacles and Bhandardara dam. Experience the epic bluffs unfurling before your eyes, one behind the other as you stroll on the edge of the stronghold. 


Journey Details 


  • Elevation: 4,255 ft 
  • Time taken: 5 hours 
  • Trip slope: Moderate 


About the trek


The trip starts from Ratanwadi town. Advance toward Amruteshwar sanctuary once you arrive at the town. This is a 1,200 year old Hemadpanti sanctuary. The dividers of this sanctuary are enhanced with wonderful and perplexing stone carvings and figures. The Pravara streams by the sanctuary. 


The path begins from the left half of the Pravara waterway, precisely inverse the Amruteshwar sanctuary. Request that townspeople show you the course. 


The path at first experiences the town fields and is genuinely level till you go over a dam as of late based on the waterway. Cross the stream here and move up the dam divider to now keep the waterway to your left side. The path comes to the edge of the water body shaped because of the dam. The perspectives on the dam water and the encompassing backwoods merit investing some on. They additionally make for good photos. 


The fundamental path has various branches shaped because of the steers left by the locals for brushing. Follow the relatively more extensive path going up the slope and watch out for white bolt markings. The path is befuddling just until you arrive at the opening up ahead on the slope. When you arrive simply continue following the path. 


After the clearing, the path enters a thick woods. Here, it rises respectably. Since the trees give a decent overhang, the path is cool and charming even in summer. Karvi, Terda, Barka, Sonki are a few plants which you find in the backwoods. You reach the second clearing in 30-40 minutes. 


There are two paths from this clearing. The one to the correct ascension up to Ratangad. The path straight ahead takes you to Harishchandragad. There is likewise a little board indicating both the ways. 


In the wake of taking right, there is a move for around 10-15 minutes again through thick woods. This course opens up into a gigantic stone fix. Try not to stress you don’t have to do any shake climbing. There are 3 steel stepping stools which take you to the highest point of the stone fix. Be cautious while ascending these stepping stools as certain means are loose and broken. On the off chance that you are journeying in a storm, stepping stools may get tricky. Climb gradually and consistently, each individual in turn. Keep your cameras and cell phones inside and don’t click photos while ascending the stepping stools. Prior to beginning, pivot and investigate. Ratanwadi town, Bhandardara dam, Pravara waterway and encompassing pinnacles show up as a grand scene. 


In the wake of ascending the stepping stools you’ll arrive at the primary door of the post. Stroll ahead for 2-3 minutes till you arrive at the fourth stepping stool. On rising this stepping stool, you will see an enormous cavern to one side. When you reach this cavern, you are nearly at the top. There are a couple of stone strides to one side which lead you to the second entryway of Ratangad. There are lovely stone models and carvings on this door. Hardly any more strides ahead and you arrive at the highest point of the stronghold. It takes around 2 hours 30 minutes to reach there. 


Returning onto the path, stroll till you see the nedhe on the upper right of the stronghold. There is a lofty rising of 15 minutes to move up the nedhe. Turbulent breeze blows through the Eye of the Needle. You can even scale on the highest point of the nedhe. Be extremely cautious at the same time. The course is somewhat hazardous in view of the screen. You are presently at the most noteworthy purpose of the post! The view from the top is entrancing. You can get a total 360 degree all encompassing perspective starting here. Alang, Madan, Kulang, Kalsubai, Bhandardara dam (Arthur Lake), Harishchandragad, Sandhan Valley, Ratangad Khutta offer some stunning perspectives. You can sit for some time in the opening of the needle. 


Move down from the opposite side of nedhe. In the wake of moving down, one course to one side takes you to another door. As you take right, the path turns out to be extremely limited and is covered with tall grass on the two sides. There is a steep valley on the left. This course will return you to the subsequent entryway, by means of the round stronghold. With this you’ll finish the full round of the fortress, which takes around 2 hours. 


Presently, follow the path by which you moved up to arrive at Ratanwadi. It takes around 2 hours to arrive at the base.


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