The Importance Of Press Die Casting

Metal components tend to require high tolerance. In order to produce high quality products, you need to make use of press die casting which is a process of manufacturing that makes use of high pressure in order to melt the metal or forced molten metal into a cavity that is moulded with steel. Die casting is cost effective and time effective to produce a perfect finished product.

Die casting also has a lot of other benefits apart from being cost effective and thirds especially true for products with complex structure. Some of its advantages are as follows.

Die casting advantages

  • They come with a perfect accuracy of dimensions.
  • It is also used to cast sections with high strength in the structure.
  • Compared to other processes, it provides a relatively perfect finishing surface.
  • It also reduces material scrap.
  • It also has a long lifespan and durability.

Die casting functioning

The process involved in press die casting are as follows:-

  • A metal alloy that is molten is injected with high pressure into a steel mold.
  • In order to form the parts that are net shaped, it gets solidified quickly within a few seconds.
  • The extractions of the same then takes place automatically.

Press die casting types

There are two main types of pressure die casting which are as follows.

  • High pressure die casting: This type of press die casting is mainly used in materials such as aluminium, zinc, and other soft alloys.
  • Low pressure die casting: This type of pressure die casting is comparatively slower than the materials used in high die casting.

The size of the castings also largely depends upon the size of the machine.

Press die casting materials

  • Die Casting alloys are commonly used in the process which include metals like zinc, aluminium, magnesium, and more.
  • Hot die steel must be used to prepare molds for die casting. Steel materials like 8407, 8418, and the like are suitable for the process.
  • In order to cast complex and components that are safety critical, light materials can be put to use. This also allows the production to be cost effective.
  • This process can be utilised to produce automotive parts, aerospace engine parts, general hardware appliances, kitchen tools, plumbing parts, pump parts, and more.

The process of press die casting is very reliable, quick, and also cost effective. The process of manufacturing can also include metal components that are of high volume and also tend to have high tolerances. The basic process or step of die casting is to inject the molten metal alloy into a mold of steel under high pressure.

Die casting is certainly a technology used in the manufacturing of many finished products. Different types of die casting process is used by companies to make different parts of the product. It is a simple process where the metals that are in solid form are liquified by heating it to the desired temperature. Following this, the melted product is transferred into a mold or cavity in the appropriate shape.

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