SAT is the entrance examination test that is taken by several universities to determine the competence level of high school students for university education. SAT determines in which university a student will get admission for his or her higher-level education thousands of students take SAT every year and unfortunately some don’t get the result they desired, and it is a sad reality, but students should not feel demotivated as they have an option to retake SAT more than once. Several reasons can affect the final score of a student in the first attempt of SAT including unfamiliarity with the examination pattern, external distractions, or lack of preparation. A study has shown that students who score low in the first attempt have higher chances to score higher in the second one as more score gains happen in the retakes of SAT. So, if students feel that they have not performed well in the previous attempts they can appear for the examination again.

It is also believed that students who take SATs, again and again, have a lesser chance to improve their scores, for example, if you have attempted acidity more than 5 times then getting a higher score in the 6th attempt will be less likely. So, the most favourable situation to get a higher SAT score and get admission to the best university across the world is to prepare hard and take a re-examination and achieve your goal on the 2nd or 3rd attempt. One of the major and untrue statements that most students are afraid of nowadays is that colleges do not favour students who have taken the SAT more than once. This used to be true till 2003 but the SAT administration changed its policy after that. SAT now works based on the score choice. Under this policy, students can send either the score of their one test at the highest point of all the tests and Universities consider whichever score is sent by the student irrespective of the number of attempts.

Retaking the SAT can be a huge commitment by a student and with it, students will have to face the same study pressure and responsibility. Appearing for SAT again can be a little extra on the pocket as you will have to pay the registration fees again for sometimes the tutoring fees too but on the contrary, it also has its benefits by increasing the score of students in tests significantly and providing them admission in their desired University. Therefore, before taking a decision a retake student should analyze all the factors and then make a decision.

Consider the following things given belowin this article of EduQuest before starting your preparation for the Retake for SAT


Students take SAT twice or even thrice to get a higher score which will increase their chance to get admission in a really good University deciding to retake the SAT depends on your situation and in what kind of college you want to get in. No doubt taking the SAT again is beneficial as the second time you would know the exact pattern of the examination and how to manage the limited time that is given to attempt those questions. If you doubt that you have underperformed in your SAT, you can take it again as higher scores also tend to increase chances of getting a scholarship, and financial aid from a university to complete your education is always beneficial.


When students try to know the score they need to raise to get into a good college it might lead to a bit of discouragement and students might get demotivated. Therefore, not knowing how much you have to raise your SAT score is advisable because it just creates unrealistic expectations in students’ minds. All that students should care about is working hard and getting good scores so they could get admission into a recognized University. On the other hand, they should also know the maximum score that colleges consider for admissions of students.


People might think that practising for a city the second time will be easier, but it is the opposite of that. The second time you will have to pay more attention to understand the topics better for which you will have to give more time, so make sure you have enough time for preparation of your retake examination if you aspire to score higher this time. If you are a student who is involved in more than one thing like extracurricular activities, computer classes, and then preparation for SAT you will have to prioritize things accordingly because retaking SAT and then not paying attention to it will be utterly useless. During your preparation you can opt for best SAT coaching in Gurgaon/Gurugram.


Once you analyze all the parameters and you are sure that all your conditions are favourable for the retake of the exam, without wasting a minute you should start working on your goal. You will have to stop delaying and procrastinating because you already know how hard SAT can be. Following are a few tips that you should keep in mind while preparing for a city for the second time.

Tips to prepare for the retake of SAT


There can be thousands of small reasons that affected your SAT scores and we may blame external forces for our failure but it is very important to introspect factors that may have been the reason for that and work on them this time. Students should find answers to questions like “If they prepared well for examination?” “Did family and friends support you?” “Did you follow your study schedule well?” and try to find solutions to those problems which will help you in your retake of the SAT exam.


After taking SAT once you have got an experience and a better understanding of what worked for you and what did not, so plan out your study schedule and pattern again and try to incorporate solutions of the things that did not work for example one of the reasons you didn’t score good was that you did not have much time to attempt all the questions, then practice time management or in the reading and writing section vocabulary was tice vocabulary harder this time. Plan out your SAT preparation by keeping all these factors in mind.


Make a note of questions and sections that you remember you have struggled with in the first attempt. If you don’t remember the questions go through the syllabus and try to memorize and know your weak areas and practice them harder this time. Do not waste time on the topics in which you are still weak even after practising them again and again. While making your weak section stronger you also have to pay attention to the topics that you are good at because there are many possibilities that while you brush up your weak topics, the scores of the topics in which you are good can fall. So, having fair knowledge of topics in which you are good and weak at and working on them accordingly saves you a great deal of time during the preparation.


It is well said that a second attempt definitely improves your SAT scores but it won’t give you a jump of 400 points but you can expect a maximum increase of 100 points and can just work harder and give your best for better results. Don’t expect things that are beyond your control as it will leave you disheartened and will lower your confidence which is not good for the future.


Students can demand a question-answer service for which you will have to wait for the report but it is very beneficial if you want to know exactly where you lacked behind and which answer you couldn’t attempt. In this booklet, you will get answers to previous SAT examinations accompanied by a few difficult demo questions which can certainly be very useful for the second attempt of SAT for the students.


┬áMany students study on their own or some take help from SAT coaching in Gurgaon for their preparation. If you think you couldn’t achieve your desired score the first time because you couldn’t prepare well on your own, then you can take the help of a tutor. If you think you can achieve a higher score by self-study then you should make a regrets timetable and follow it religiously. It is very important to make changes the second time in your studying structure. Refer to different books than earlier and study from a different preparation textbook. Take the help of prep tools that are available online for free.


Students tend to get test anxiety the first time they take the SAT exam as the exam pattern is very uncertain but when you are preparing for the retake of the examination you know better than the first time and you need to have a mental preparation for SAT. Apart from studying concepts and topics harder, being healthy and managing stress is also very important. Keep yourself relaxed and take short breaks regularly because too much preparation can be exhausting and can give you test anxiety which will harm your performance in the exam.

By restrategizing your study plan and keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind students can score higher in their second attempt at the SAT but they also have to be prepared for the consequences if they are unable to score higher again because there might be more attempts in the future that for students should not get demoralized and keep their spirits high. Unable to get the desired result in the second attempt well does not mean that is the end. SATs can be hard to crack but not impossible and a student who is determined to achieve his/her goal can have the best score in their report in just two or three attempts.

Students should start preparing again and change their strategy and define their study structure, make notes and prepare harder for the third time and if things do not work as they were planned by them an option of cancelling their score is always available after which nobody will be able to see your test scores. Students have to keep in mind that sometimes the thing that is withholding their success is not the lack of preparation but the pressure that they keep in their mind, so make sure you are relaxed, burden-free, and have a solid plan for your SAT exams. Students with their dedication and hard work can achieve a higher score and build a future that they have desired for themselves and SAT is the best medium to achieve that goal.

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