SPSS vs. SAS: Which One Is the Best Statistical Software


SPPS is known as the “Statistical Package for Social Sciences.” It was introduced in 1968 and is a product of IBM. The statistics app is one of the oldest. In science research, scientists use SPSS to analyze all kinds of results. It is one of the most reliable applications for statistics.

Thus, business analysts, health experts, survey firms, government departments, data miners, and many others use it. This contest between SPSS vs. SAS is not a definite winner. It was built for social science, as its name implies. And it was the first-ever statistical computer programming language.

An SPSS report can be produced easily. The SPPS contains reporting tables and maps and can be scanned, posted, and recorded in SPSS quickly. It also has the best class user interface in the world as statistical software.


SAS is one of the best languages in the world for mathematical programming. The user interface is not the best, but it is the language of programming. High-quality analytics, customer intelligence, data processing, and predictive analysis play a key role in SAS.

SAS is stable rather than SPSS, provided that SPSS does not deliver the easy-to-use GUI. SAS does not give you the charts and tables copy and paste feature. It isn’t easy to personalize SAS material.

It is why you need coding expertise to adapt to SAS. Because of its command-line interface and its advanced code editor, you have more control over modeling.


Best Statistical Software

In comparison to SAS, data processing is quicker in SPSS. SPSS can effectively manage a large volume of data. It gives the best features such as sorting and separating data, making it the best way to handle data. SPSS can easily compile descriptive, parametric, and non-parametric data analysis and interactive images using the graphical user interface (GUI). It also provides the possibility of producing scripts for evaluating or doing advanced statistical analysis.


Difference between SAS vs. SPSS


  1. Basic difference and History

SPSS is a statistical research program or tool. SPSS reflects the Social Science Statistical Set. It is the most trustworthy statistical programming software.

Why SPSS is being used by market researchers, survey firms, government departments, and many others. It was the first mathematical programming for PC and has been developed for social sciences. In 1968 it was founded at Stanford University by a team of statistics.

SPSS has a corporation called SPSS. Inc. 8 years back. IBM acquired it in 2009 with the growing success of SPSS.

The statistical programming language, however, is not a software or tool of statistical results. SAS is synonymous with statistical analysis. It has its portfolio of advanced analysis, market intelligence, and predictive analysis programming language.


  1. Purpose and Usability

SPSS is the most statistical program online. It can be seen for non-statisticians. The best software with simple drag and drop menus in class is easy to use. SPSS can be seen in various ways, but it can play an important role in social sciences.

SAS is the efficient programming language for numbers, on the other. Therefore, several statistics it has a great deal of consistency coding. It is the world’s leading software for commercial research. SAS is a well-tested programming language in a managed environment and all its revised updates.


  1. Data processing

For a wide variety of data processing, SPSS is often recommended. Only a smaller volume of data can be handled by SPSS, which is less than 100 MB. On the other hand, SAS provides many means to exploit and silicate a vast data collection volume.


  1. Ease of learning

SPSS can be learned from anyone worldwide. The explanation is that SPSS has the best UI. It means that consumers don’t have to master the code. Drop-down approaches are available from SAS.

It offers a paste function that generates the syntax for user interface-run measures automatically. Instead, SAS relies on the Proc SQL, which ensures that the person who has encountered SQL can quickly learn SAS.


  1. Decision Tree

To perform selection tree calculations, IBM SPSS keeps its tip. Without purchasing the expensive knowledge mining suite, you can’t reset preference trees due to the SAS appliance. It lowers the capacities of the base SAS kit, which is already extremely expensive. Furthermore, the trees selected by IBM SPSS vary considerably from those conveyed by R.


In some of the world’s leading universities and businesses, PLSS is the most common software. The interfaces and full documentation are user-friendly. The Interface features make it simple to use and reduce coding when dealing with complicated tasks.

The 1000 lines of code in SPSS are unnecessary. It writes the code automatically by the paste command. You can find the best help online to address any difficulty you may have with SPSS.

SAS is, moreover, one of the industry’s most commonly used languages of statistical programming. It also provides the programmers with a drag and drop facility. A huge range of data sets can be treated.


SPSS is not free software and is IBM businesses’ licensed software. It is one of the world’s most costly statistics software. It has minimal syntax, though. In contrast to other device numbers, it is also not introducing emerging innovations. SPSS has a small information storeroom, as compared and SAS. It can’t take care of and maintain large databases in this way.

SAS is also a costly programming language. The user interface is also not available. To carry out such activities on SAS, you must write several lines of code. SAS is a software of shut-source. It means you must obtain a license to use it. This permit’s cost is the biggest expense that can’t be handled by individuals or small businesses.



In the final review, we found that both SPSS and SAS are very helpful in their unequaled analysis of results. Both provide separate functions for the performance of statistical approaches. You can now choose between SPSS and SAS with full confidence.

This contest between SPSS vs. SAS is not a definite winner. You can vote for SAS if you have any programming skills. SPSS could be the right alternative for you otherwise. It’s also an IBM product. SPSS is a very accurate program for statistics.

SPSS is best for you if you’re interested in joining the education sector. SAS is the right choice for you if you are going to analytics. It is now your turn to pick these two.


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