Spandex: Need Of Garment Manufacturing Company

Garment Manufacturing Company

Undoubtedly spandex is the need of garment manufacturing agencies, Whether it is activewear or fashionwear manufacturing companies there is a periodic change in trend but the common demand of the audience is comfortable and durable garments. 

With the change in era, spandex is the other name for comfort. Spandex is a perfect material to offer your garments the desired fit and stretch you want.


Yes, the quantity of spandex mainly depends on the garment to garment. For instance, activewear requires more quantity of spandex in manufacturing than fashion wear.


While producing activewear what is the goal of garments manufacturing agencies? 

To offer premium quality garments in addition to comfort, stretch, and durability at a pocket-friendly price. 

Here is why spandex becomes the need of the hour by fulfilling the requirements of manufacturing agencies.


Let’s understand the use of spandex in the textile industry and beyond. 

Stretch Denim: Do you know what your favorite pair of stretch denim has in common? Well, you guessed right it is spandex. 

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Spandex fabric is the best fabric to make your stretch denim fit without any restrictions. While manufacturing stretch denim fabric is mixed with a specific amount of spandex for the perfect fit of garments.


Activewear: When it comes to activewear, spandex is most recommended for activewear fabric. 

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Wondering, why manufacturing agencies use spandex for producing activewear? 

Owing to the unique combination of comfort and stretch to activewear so you can go the extra mile. 

Medical Industry: Surprising though it may seem, the braces are also infused with spandex for extra stretch.

Spandex is not only the need of the textile industries but also has stepped out into the medical industry.


Spandex is widely used by manufacturing industries in the making of medical gloves, braces, bandages, maternity care, fitted sheets, and microbead pillows.

Shapewear: Shapewear manufacturing industries are opting for spandex fabric because of its distinctive stretch and comfort properties. 

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Opting inviya spandex for shapewear empowers the industries to produce premium durable shapewear that offers enhanced mobility while offering ease.

According to recent reports spandex is going to be in demand with the change in the latest fashion trends.

Milan fashion week’s outfits were infused with spandex, which clearly shows the contemporary boom for spandex. 

Garment manufacturing industries are opting for spandex because of its unique properties and budget-friendliness.

If you own a garment manufacturing industry, it is definitely the right time to opt for spandex; the freedom fiber.

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