Social Distancing and Greeting Cards

Even though the world is now slowly recovering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, there are still strict measures around the world where it is not safe to meet physically even now. While the vaccine might provide some relief in certain areas, the reality is that social distancing is a part of our normal lives and routines now.  With physical meetings mostly off the table, especially for those belonging to risk-groups like the elderly and sick, greeting cards are a great way to have some physical connection with those that you love without putting them at risk or breaking social distancing rules.

Maintaining a connection

Humans are social beings, while we can handle being alone for a while, the lack of social connection can start really affecting us after a short while. Not only is it bad for our psyche but it can cause us physical illness as a result as well.  This is why remaining in contact with others even when apart is important for us. But using digital means to stay in contact can be great for its convenience and constant access, it still lacks a certain “Je ne sais qoui” of meeting in person.  That is why no amount of technology can ever replace meeting with the people we love. It can only be an alternative born out of convenience.

Where greeting cards come in

Greeting cards are small physical reminders of love, affection, and connection. When you send a greeting card to someone who is close to you, whether it is family, friends, or loved ones, you are showing them that you are thinking of them. Seeing that you are in someone’s thoughts and heart, is a very touching realization, and receiving a greeting card is a perfect way to do that.

Greeting cards can carry very heartfelt messages with love cards . They don’t all need to be emotional and deep, but can also be humorous. Humor doesn’t mean an absence of emotions, it just has a lighter take on it. A heartfelt message in the card can not only make someone’s day for the better but it can help them deal with the fact that you cannot be together physically.


Greeting cards can also make for wonderful keepsakes. If you preserve the greeting cards you receive carefully, you can have a small collection of memories from all the time that you and your loved ones have shared messages in this wonderful form.


Greeting cards are a great way to make dealing with pandemic easier on all of us. By serving as physical reminders of the connections we share with all those we love and cherish, it gives us the ability to recognize that even though we are all physically apart, we’re constantly in each other’s thoughts and hearts.

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