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What can be put on my windows to block the sun?

The sun can sometimes block your windows for many different reasons. The sun can cause people to wake up early in the morning. This can disrupt a good night’s rest. The sun can heat up rooms and cause air conditioner bills to go up during the day. Sun rays can cause permanent damage to carpeting and furniture. You may want to protect Roll up shades for windows from the sun.

It is possible to cover windows using sheets or blankets already in your possession.

The better the blanket or sheet blocks the sun, the darker it is and the thicker it is. Use strong tape, such as duct tape, or tacks to hang the sheet or blanket. Hang the material from a top-of-the-window frame, and let it tumble to the ground. For maximum coverage, make sure to secure the blanket/sheet on both sides to the glass. This may not be the most attractive solution but it will do the job temporarily.

Roll up shades for windows

Blackout curtains can provide a more tailored option to a blanket or sheet. Blackout curtains are available at most retailers that sell curtains. Blackout claims you can cut your heating/cooling bills by 20 percent if the curtains are installed properly.

You can also use aluminum foil to protect your Roll up shades for windows from the sun. The downside is that this solution can block the sunlight completely from your windows. It also doesn’t look very appealing visually. Your windows will be completely covered with aluminum foil.

This will block the sun as well as reflect it and lower your cooling bill. Place aluminum foil on your windows by adhering it with the shiny side out. Before opening the windows you will need the foil to be removed.

To cover windows and block the heat, there are many options for awnings and shutters. The Florida Solar Energy Center recommends that exterior shutters, or Roll up shades for windows , be used over interior ones when windows receive a lot more sun during the day.

Bahama shutters as well as Sarasota shutters offer various styles and pricing options. Shutters can also be raised and lowered. Shutters can be lowered to cover most of the window.

Awnings that extend above the window cover the top. The awning protects the windows from the sun but does not obscure the view. Awnings and shutters can be bought at most home improvements stores and can either be installed by the homeowner themselves or by a professional.

Your Roll up shades for windows might be costing money. Most windows are responsible for up to 25% energy loss. You can insulate your home with cardboard shutters, which you can find for free at appliance stores or department stores. They will keep your home warmer during winter and cooler during summer. This project requires only aluminum foil, tape and some assembly.

Measure the window that you would like to cover using the cardboard shutter. To measure this project accurately, measure the window’s glass and not its frame.

Take four pieces from the cardboard and cut them to the same dimension as your window.

Aluminum foil can be used to cover one of the sides of two pieces of cardboard. The foil can then be tapped onto the cardboard.

Sandwich the cardboard without foil between foil-covered pieces. Be sure to face the foil-covered side outwards. If it’s done correctly, foil will cover and cardboard will cover both the bread and meat of the sandwich. Tape the cardboard sandwich together. You can attach the shutter by adhering several strips of tape to each side.

Use one long strip to tape the shutter to your window. The aluminum foil, which reflects the sun’s radiations, will insulate the home from heat and cold.

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