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A damaged shade in your home may not be a major issue, but it can cause inconvenience. It is possible to delay it because you don’t know how to repair it. Instead, take it to an expert and let it be repaired.

You don’t need to worry about that with Blooming Blinds. Our mobile shade repair team will visit you and repair your shade on-site and then tidy up our mess before we leave so you wouldn’t even know we’d been there, unless you saw the repaired shade to be precise!

replacement cord for cellular shades

Shade repair is difficult however, if there’s a way of fixing your cord for cellular shades , rather than replacing them, our expert team at Blooming Blinds will find it. Thanks to plenty of hands-on experience with our blind, shade and shutter company and products, we’ll help you locate a fast, affordable solution.


Shades that are damaged require repair by a professional

Although repairing a damaged or damaged shade may appear like something you could tackle yourself, think about the advantages of having a skilled professional.

Our professionals in shade repair are equipped with the expertise, knowledge, and tools to take care of repairs within a fraction of time required by the average homeowner.

We’ll be able to identify the issue and then make repairs that are durable and last. Also, we’ll help you decide if it’s best to change your shade.

While many problems are fixable to extend the life of your replacement cord for cellular shades some are more difficult to fix or more expensive to replace. Before we start, we’ll consult with you to ensure you are well-informed about the options available to you.


Some Shade Repairs may Involve:

We can repair damaged or worn-out strings, repairing faulty “up and down” operations with your shades in a short time so that they perform like new!

In a honeycomb shade, each cell is joined to the one above and below using glue. After some time the glue could fail. If this is the case then you’ll have to get a new shade. Our selection of replacement cord for cellular shades comes in a wide range of colors and textures and you’re likely to find the right match!

The loop could begin to wear down if the shade is using the “pulley” system using the fixed length cotton yarn. Furthermore, the point where the two strings meet could be disconnected which renders the shade useless.

We can install a new CC loop to suit your needs. We have a variety of lengths and colors , so that you can find the ideal fit.

Cord locks will ensure that you have the ability to adjust your shade to cover the exact amount of window you want at any given time. If you prefer your shade to roll up or down or in between the cord lock can stop the shade exactly where you want it to.

However, cord locks are usually made of plastic and will wear down eventually. Our experts can repair or replace the locks on your cord to get your shades back in good working order.


How do I arrange mobile shade repair with Blooming Blinds?

You can contact us online to get our affordable and extensive in-home shade repair service. We are always available to assist you with window treatment repairs.


How do I expect to arrive?

Certain products might take longer to arrive than other items. We will keep you informed about the new shades you have ordered and the components we’ve ordered for you.


How long will shade repair require?

Our in-home shade repair experts are quick and efficient to ensure we thoroughly evaluate your window treatments and provide accurate solutions. Repair processes can vary in duration, however we will always keep you informed every step of the way regarding scheduling.


Do you need to be at home to avail the repair service on mobile?

Please make sure someone over 18 is available when we arrive on the property. We’ll need to speak to you regarding repairs to the shade on the property. Before we leave we’d like to make sure that you are happy with our work.


What is the price of mobile shade repair?

Before we get started with our work, we’ll schedule your at-home shade repair and discuss costs and timing with you. Then, you will be provided with a plan for repair, so you know what you can expect before. Call our shade repair specialists on the spot today to receive an estimate free of charge and further details about the exact cost.


What are the most frequent types of damage to window shades?

Damaged or worn-out cords: We can restring or replace damaged cords, and repair faulty up-and-down operation of your shades so they function as new. Sometimes, an elongated cord could indicate problems with the lift mechanisms. We can let you know whether it’s fixable or if it’s best to consider changing the shade.


Separated honeycombs: In honeycomb shades the cells are attached to the one above and below with adhesive. The glue can break over time.

You will need to purchase a new color if this happens. It’s almost certain that you will find the perfect match with our extensive range of replacement cord for cellular shades.


Loops that are worn-out in CC: If your shade uses the pulley system that has a fixed-length cotton loop You may observe the loop wearing out. Additionally, the place where the string’s two ends meet could be unattached and render the shade ineffective. It is possible to reinstall an CC loop to make it easier for you. You can choose from a wide range of colors and lengths to find the ideal size.


Cord locks which aren’t working: Cord locks allow you to adjust the shade to fit precisely where you require it. The cord lock prevents the shade from reaching the size you wish.

Cord locks may be worn out eventually, but they’re usually just simple plastic devices. Our team can replace the cord locks to ensure that your shades are in good order.


We Repair Most Shade Brands

Cord for cellular shades may have various features and designs, therefore it is crucial to have shade repair performed by a professional. Our technicians are trained and certified to repair shades from any brand or manufacturer for example:



Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from customers on shade repair.


What shades can you fix?

In accordance with the kind of damage, we can repair most styles of shades. We can repair the majority of shades including roller shades as well as cellular shades. We can also make shades for the majority of major brands.


Do you repair your shades on-site?

Yes We do! One of the most significant advantages of using Blooming Shades for repair is that we come to you and repair shades directly on site. We’ll repair your shades where they are.


What is the cost for shade repair?

The price of shade repair is contingent on the severity of the damage as well as the nature of the repair needed and can be anywhere from $50-$300. Based on the initial investment and the age of your shades, replacing them can sometimes be less expensive than repair.

Do you have the ability to fix damaged fabric, or repair holes in window shades?

Rips or holes in the fabric of window shades generally cannot be repaired. It’s costly and almost impossible to get satisfying results. We offer a wide range of styles and colors that could be used to match or refresh your window treatments.


Do you clean the shades when you repair them?

Shade repair isn’t a formal cleaning. We provide professional cleaning of blinds at the most affordable price. Ask your Blooming Blinds local expert for more information and a no-cost estimate!

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