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Solar Window Sun Control Coverings

Window Sunscreens available in Phoenix come with a wide range of specifications, sizes, colors, shapes, and colors. Each Phoenix home may have different window sizes, window orientations, or exterior objects that influence which solar screens are used. So how does one determine the best sunscreen option? Screens Unlimited LLC professionals can provide some helpful tips here.


Color choices for window screen fabrics

When you’re looking for professionally-made solar window screens, make sure you pick a color that you love. Vinyl-coated polyester sunscreen fabric is available in a variety of colors, including brown, black, stucco, two-tone, grey, white, and dark-green.


The most commonly used window sunscreen fabric colors are black or brown. This is due to the desert-like colors in Phoenix homes. What sunscreen fabric color would be best for your house? This should be determined based on aesthetics, but also effectiveness. The more opaque window screen colors can be seen clearly during daylight hours, making them slightly more efficient.


Sun Control Fabric Content Percentage

You might feel overwhelmed by all the options when it comes to choosing a color for your solar window cover. There are three options when it comes to solar control percentages. Each has its own price, protection, as well as outward visibility. The three sun protection rates are 80% (mostly used), 90% (rarely used), and 95% (rarely used). The most popular sun control fabrics and available in all colors are the 80% and 95%. The cheapest, 80% sunscreen fabric, provides excellent sun protection as well as great visibility outwards.

The 80% fabric window screen fabric has great outward visibility and keeps the factory bug screens at their best. The added ten per cent of sunscreen fabric gives you great sun protection and still allows for good visibility. Although it offers privacy, the 90% sun control fabric does not restrict airflow as much as the 80% fabric.

The sun orientation and whereabouts of your home can influence the use of both percentages. It’s often a smart idea to mix them. Due to the fact that the sun’s rays are most intense to the west and east of the house, it makes the most sense for airflow to be reduced in order not only to protect the skin but also the airflow.

It is common for people to use different proportions of solar screening in different rooms and areas of their home. Due to its tight weave, and slightly higher cost, sun control fabric 95% should not be used for fixed solar screening applications. The solar control cloth 95% is a great option for those who need absolute sun protection. It is available in black/brown as well as charcoal and black colors.

This article should have provided you with some more information on sun control fabrics to aid in the decision process about getting professionally applied sunscreens for your home.


Solar Pull down door shade Screens

Screens Unlimited(r), Solar Sun Screens offer a wide selection of color options and options for both interior and exterior use. These options include factory window screens replacements, window sunscreen installations, Arcadia slider doors, exterior mounted solar sunscreens, and solar protection for Skylights. We provide low-cost services for all types of residential, commercial, retail, and restaurants/bars.


Solar screens with competitive pricing

Screens Unlimited Solar Screens are priced competitively, but the quality of the screen and our professional installation process are far better than the competition. Protecting your home and beautifying it with a premium fabric solar screen is a wise investment.

Recommendations and repeat customers make up the majority of our work. Screens Unlimited installs solar screens of the highest quality at the lowest price. We guarantee it. Isn’t your home worth it? Sun screens will make your house or office more comfortable in the summer, increase the property’s value, improve the exterior appearance, and significantly reduce cooling costs.


Sun Screen comparison

Compare Screens Unlimited with other companies before buying. Most window Pull down door shade company representatives place value in the estimate they give. A lower estimate from another sunscreen company might be a sign that you should ask the following questions:

Screens Unlimited participated in the Arizona Environmental Green Coalition Club (North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce) and the Better Business Bureau. Screen companies rarely get involved in organizations and groups that encourage and support green initiatives. Screens Unlimited LLC also has the distinction of being licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection.

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