Michael Seiden Says University of Phoenix Paved the Way for Online Courses

University of Phoenix

Nothing has changed education quite as much as the move to the online platforms. University of Phoenix was one of the first to offer a fully online college program that had both master’s and bachelor’s degrees available. Many people were highly skeptical that an online education could ever measure up to a traditional college experience. Now, there are more college programs online than ever before, and employers are accepting online program degrees as interchangeable with in-person programs.

Businesses of all sizes are targeted by hackers, not just larger firms. System breaches require time and funds to recover from and restore. They also cause damage not just to infrastructure and customer data lost but also to a company’s public reputation. supplement other cybersecurity programs available through University of Phoenix that provide more insight to students interested in the specialty fields of network forensics or digital forensics.

Online education became even more important with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. Without online courses in place, staying on track would have been a serious challenge for many students. Colleges across the U.S. would have struggled to keep their doors open if they were unable to hold classes for a full year. Instead, most colleges already had some form of virtual learning in place. This is largely due to the pioneering of University of Phoenix.

The university first launched its online program in 1989. Its goal was largely to target an underserved population of adults who wanted to continue education but were limited by time and resources. The inflexible and time-consuming nature of traditional college programs made it impossible for these aspiring adults to attend a typical college. The university saw this need and created a flexible system that was accredited and provided a viable solution for working adults.

The University was founded in 1976 and became accredited by 1978. It remains accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Reports have found that enrollment in online learning has quadrupled in the past 15 years. It is natural for students to move their learning online or face canceled in-person classes. People are finding that online education offers real benefits with a variety of tools and teaching methods not available in traditional classrooms settings.

Higher education expanded online options before COVID-19 struck and further forced the issue. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reported in 2018 that 34.5 percent of undergraduates and 39.8 percent of postbaccalaureate students had taken at least one online class. More than 30 percent of postbaccalaureate students were taking online-only programs. In total, more than 3 million higher education students (undergraduate and postbaccalaureate combined) reported participating in a program that was exclusively remote, online education.

About University of Phoenix

Founded in 1976, University of Phoenix’s mission is to offer accessible education to working adults who are too strapped for time to make a traditional school work. The university has worked hard to put together a curriculum and teaching staff that is highly valued. The school offers over 30 different undergraduate degrees and awarded over 24,000 diplomas in 2019.

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