Men’s Wedding Rings

Shopping for wedding rings is one of those wedding listing items you’re able to hold off on until closer to your date but that does not make it any less important than booking a florist or photographer. You will want to start looking for wedding bands about four weeks out (allow more time if you’re getting any customized wedding band engravings or adjustments.)

Know Your Choices

As for who pays for the rings, couples often take one of three routes: each spouse buys their own, every spouse pays for the other person, or the groom picks up the tab for both. Do what works for both and your wallets. When you are prepared to find a wedding band, have a look at these exceptional men’s wedding bands you will really need to wear every day.

So where to even begin finding this meaningful symbol of your passion? Some may assert women have it a little easier: They could look for their own engagement ring alloy style, size, and design to discover a complementary wedding ring. When it comes to men’s wedding rings, it could be harder for grooms to sit on a ring style, only because they’re not certain what’s out there or what they like. But do not make it more difficult than it should be–here’s how to obtain the best men’s wedding ring to suit your personal style.

The good news? There are not any rules in regards to wedding rings: You and your fiancé don’t need matching rings (unless you want them!), your ring doesn’t need to be understated, and you do not need to select traditional silver or gold. Some of the most common men’s wedding ring materials contain platinum (the roughest, but many expensive metal), tungsten carbide (technically a ceramic with a crazy-high melting point), palladium, titanium, silver, gold, zirconium, cobalt-chrome, silicone, and timber.

Mind Your Financial Plan

When looking for a wedding band, take into consideration the ring colour, band width, and layout you’ll want to see in your hand daily. Are you most interested in your ring’s look, durability, or functionality? If you are an avid rock climber or CrossFit fan, try out a sporty, compact silicone ring. Obsessed with glossy black wedding rings? Search for bands made from tungsten carbide, zirconium, or ceramic. Do you gravitate toward the finer things? Think about making a statement with a diamond-encrusted ring.

Purchasing an ornately designed platinum ring or wedding ring with diamonds can cost anywhere from $600 to several thousand dollars. On the flip side, a simple tungsten carbide wedding band could cost around $200, based on the jeweler and ring quality. Getting your rings engraved? This sentimental addition will up your bill.

Just like all wedding expenses (and let us be true, all expenses generally ), seek advice from your budget. There’s no use splurging on a swanky platinum wedding ring with diamonds whether it’ll place you in debt, right? A beneficial ballpark: Be prepared yourself to spend 2 to 3 percent of your wedding budget on wedding bands.

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