Make Aeromexico Reservations and Obtain Great Flight Amenities

Does flying frequently limit your time of fun at some binge-watch sites? With Aeromexico, you will not have to give up your favorite network series flights. To book a ticket, please visit the airline’s official website or call Aeromexico Telefono and book your flights. Aeromexico has been doing technology upgrades to meet the passenger’s needs. It provides Wi-Fi on flight and free Netflix access. It also uses mobile apps and FB virtual assistants to provide instant help to online customers. It also uses Whatsapp to notify customers about scheduled flights and offers. Here’s a list of inflight amenities that you’ll enjoy with Aeromexico.

Amazing Meal choices

Airlines provide passengers with special menus and amazing complimentary and non-complimentary meals, bringing them a truly memorable flying experience. For flights of 3 hours or less, the airline offers passengers bakery food, biscuits, nuts, and other snacks. For flights of 3 to 6 hours, passengers enjoy a hearty meal.

Fantastic Variety of drinks and Alcohol 

All alcoholic and soft beverages on Aeromexico are complimentary. The hard drinks will be available after 11 am, including wine,  beer, and Mexico’s most famous spirit, tequila. Soft drinks can also be used as a supplement, including hot tea and coffee and cold drinks such as fruit juice.

Great entertainment options

Aeromexico offers many free movies, TV shows, and music to enjoy on your personal back seat TV screen. Besides, many in-flight magazines provide travel insights and tax-free in-flight shopping. Passengers can download the airline’s free application before the flight to stream incredible TV shows and movies through personal digital devices such as mobile phones or tablets. Don’t hesitate and make Aeromexico reservations to enjoy yourself while you are onboard. Offering in-flight entertainment is a feature of Aeromexico. Passengers, regardless of their travel class and type, can use all entertainment methods.

Wi-fi and Free Messaging service

The airline offers a free messaging service that allows passengers to send texts and connect to WiFi, allowing messaging via Facebook, Imessage, messenger, and WhatsApp. But please note that this service is currently only available on flights with onboard WiFi, such as certain 737-800 and 787 flights.

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