Why Machine Embroidery Designs Are Widely Popular

Embroidery is a very old technique to make apparel visually appealing. Tradition embroidery technique needs thread and needle to complete the embroidery work. Now, with the advent of the latest technology embroidery machines, the process of embroidery has become quite easy and amazing. 

The embroidery designs created by embroidery machines are beautiful. Moreover, machines can quickly complete the embroidery project. On the other side, the hand embroidery technique takes too much time. Here, in this article, we will describe why machine embroidery designs are widely popular:

  1. Machine Embroidery Is Simple

Some people think that the machine embroidery technique is quite complicated. It is so because some people think that machine embroidery is a technical skill to master. It is assumed so because the machine embroidery technique needs special and expensive machines. The fact is that the embroidery machines need basic knowledge and some practice. 

The machine embroidery technique needs some practice and basic knowledge. The entire process of making a machine embroidery design is quite simple and amazing. You just need to prepare the digitized form of embroidery design such as Ohio state embroidery designs available online for machine embroidery.

  1. Quickly Complete The Project

Once your properly hooped the fabric with the appropriate stabilizer, the embroidery project will be completed by the machine in a small period. You can complete various embroidery projects in just one day with the help of the embroidery machine. 

Some embroidery designs may take hours to get embroidered because of the enormous colors in the pattern. Machine embroidery will let you create a quick embellishment that helps you to put an artistic stamp on your apparel.

  1. Budget-Friendly Embroidery

The embroidery designs created by the machines are not budget-friendly as compared to hand embroidery. Hand embroidery is costly because it is a tedious job. Hand embroidery needs a lot of effort and time.

  1. Easy To Learn

Everybody can easily learn machine embroidery techniques, even if that person cannot sew a straight line. Anyone can easily master the skills required to hoop the fabric and embroider it. Some machines do only machine embroidery and the module from these machines cannot be removed for sewing application.

  1. No Puckering

In hand made embroidery design, the chances of puckering are higher as compared to the machine-based embroidery design. Once you have learned how to hoop your fabric, there will be no puckering at all. If the hoop is too much tight, it will lead to puckering. 

Your fabric can also pucker if it is not properly stabilized. You should add a second layer of stabilizer, especially to the lightweight fabrics. The second layer of stabilizer will do wonders. With the help of a second layer stabilizer, you will get perfect embroidery output.  

  1. Machine Allows Different Threads

Most people think that only rayon thread can be used in machine embroidery designs. But, it is not so because an embroidery machine allows you to use different types of threads. Most people use rayon thread because it offers a beautiful array of colors which is required by your design. 

But, polyester is also a good choice. The embroidery machine allows you to create a design with the help of the polyester thread. Sometimes, cotton gives a perfect matter look to your embroidery design. Before selecting any thread, you should make sure that this thread will give the perfect finish to your design. 

Also, it is important to determine that the thread you have selected is perfect for your embroidery design. Making wise design will let you observe the good result. Rayon thread is perfect for quilting and topstitching. You should not limit your creativity by choosing only one type of thread every time.

  1. Design Fashionable Clothes

Though the technique of embroidery is old, you can use this traditional embroidery technique to design fashionable clothes. The embroidery machine can be used for designing fashionable clothes. 

It can be used to create beautiful designs on home goods, designer clothes, designer shoes, etc. The art of embroidery is thousands of years only. But, it has improved and evolved so much that it is still liked by all of us. With the advent of new designs and applications, the embroidery design can still create visual appeal on any clothes or other items.

Introduction of machines for embroidery purpose have revolutionized the embroidery process. For instance, superhero embroidery design for kids’ clothes can make their clothes cute and stylish.

  1. Durability

The embroidery designs created by machines are durable and are of top-notch quality. The machine embroidery design can easily handle a huge amount of wear and tear. Even after regular wash, the embroidery designs created by machines look like a new one.

Final Words

These are some of the reasons for the wide popularity of machine embroidery designs. It is durable, beautiful, and simple to create. After the introduction of machines for embroidery, the entire embroidery world has been revolutionized.

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