Living in Long Island, what are your options when choosing weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgeries are a safe and quick way to reduce excess weight and reduce the risks associated with being overweight. Here in Long Island or anywhere in the US, you have different weight loss surgery types to choose from. When choosing between your weight loss surgery options, you need to choose one that best suits your requirement. Knowing the types of weight loss surgeries to choose from is your step towards selecting the best kind of weight loss surgery. So if you are planning on getting weight loss surgery but don’t know what options you have this article is for you; we will tell you about the common types of weight loss surgeries to consult with your surgeon.

Common types of weight loss surgery you can get in long Island

Weight loss surgery is quite common in Long Island, and you have plenty of great places such as LI Obesity Surgery to get the procedure done. Some common types of weight loss surgeries here in Long Island are:

Gastric Bypass: Gastric Bypass is one of the oldest weight loss surgeries available, and therefore it is also one of the most common. A Gastric Bypass involves reducing your stomach’s size so you can not overeat thus reducing your weight in the process. At the same time, Gastric Bypass minimises the number of calories your body can absorb so you can prevent your weight from increasing again. As the name suggests during the Gastric Bypass procedure, your surgeon will bypass your digestive system by stapling a portion of your stomach, creating a pouch in the process. Next, the surgeon will attach a section of your small intestine to the pocket that was made. This re-routing ensures that your body absorbs lesser calories making weight loss quicker and sustainable.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Another common type of bariatric surgery is Gastric Sleeve Surgery, and it is quite different from Gastric Bypass surgery. This process involves removing a portion of your stomach instead of bypassing it. Gastric Sleeve surgery is done using a surgical instrument called a laparoscope, a device with a small camera at its tip. This instrument is inserted into your belly through small cuts and allows the surgeon to see your stomach. Next, the surgeon uses other tools inserted into your abdomen through cuts and removes a portion of your stomach before reattaching the remaining stomach together. This procedure leaves you with a small sack sized stomach that can only fit a small amount of food. Since you won’t eat a lot of food, you will start losing weight quickly after the Gastric Sleeve surgery.

Gastric Band Surgery: If you are looking for a surgical weight loss option that can be reversed later on, Gastric Band surgery might be the right option. Gastric Band surgery involves putting an adjustable band around a portion of your stomach, so your stomach essentially becomes a small pouch. This procedure is also done using a laparoscope, and cuts are made to install the adjustable band around your stomach’s upper portion. A device that is fitted just under your skin allows surgeons to tighten or loosen the band when needed making it a reversible weight loss procedure.

Now that you know about your options, you can look up weight loss surgery near me and get in touch with a surgeon to discuss the type of weight loss procedure you want.

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