Is Choosing C# Development Good for Building Career

.NET and C# is one of the most flexible tools for software developers. You don’t need to jump across different loads to get more revelation to different platforms. The developers have two great frames to create web applications – ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC. The speed of the development sector along with the tooling is on par with the advanced frameworks in other languages. However, the biggest competition without any doubts in this area is Ruby on Rails.

The mobile development state for any major platforms is at a great stage after Xamarin being acquired by Microsoft. There is a huge advantage of using and maintaining a codebase in one language and sharing the libraries across iOS and Android Platforms. But now, with the help of the C#, you are able to do all the things. Another major development part in this area is React Native backed by Facebook but some of my mobile developer friends would swear on the inhabitant platform development. 

Now, C# gives you a large variety of applications that you can easily create and for which you don’t need to learn new libraries and language constructs. You can write the web application code in Smalltalk and Lisp and be able to create Android applications in Ruby. Not only that, C# is one of the best tools for the job purpose in any given category. The unity which is one of the biggest 3D engines that uses C# as a language of tooling and choice in Visual Studio that can give a better way with every new version.

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What is C#?

C# is an object-oriented imperative language for which you just need to tell the computer what to do and can wrap the commands into objects modeling as per your required world. This is the most used language nowadays and most of the companies are greatly using it. C# created application patterns and object-oriented practices are transferable to many other languages and platforms.

Advantages of C#: 

C# has a number of features from functional languages –

  • You don’t get tail-recursion but LINQ is a great tool for filtering and data transformation.
  • With the help of C# 7.0, you can get the pattern matching as well.
  • You can spread your knowledge and skills with other paradigms without leaving your favourite language.
  • As C# is statistically typed, so it will provide an amazing tool while working on larger projects with a big team. At that moment the C# developers would be able to understand how helpful it is when you find yourself in this situation in dynamically typed languages like Ruby. 
  • There are also dynamic features of C#. The reflection of API and dynamic keyword gives you powerful tools to work with JSON APIs and create nice DSLs. 
  • With great power, huge responsibilities will also come but you may not use them mindlessly but you have that tool in your toolbox. 
  • Another great advantage of C# is that it is used among a wide spectrum of companies starting from small startups to big corporations.


From the above discussion, it is very clear that the demand for C# The industrial field is very high but each company has a different set of challenges and problems. Thus, every developer or programmer must go through each type of C# course to make success in their career. Even if you think that your skill is not enough to work for a big corporation, then you can start working for anyone that can give you a decent perspective on what the companies are struggling for. Gaining exposure to different business is easily possible with C# without having any relearning of the language and framework and you can focus on the domain and team dynamics instead. 

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