Some common cause of high-risk pregnancy

Women who are pregnant need lots of care and attention because of their mood swings. But If their pregnancy is a high risk it means they need extra care and love to help you have a healthy baby and pregnancy. Today, most women face this high-risk pregnancy problem. In this problem, the chance increases that you lost your baby and affect your health as well. There are so many causes of a high-risk pregnancy. Sometimes women faced high-risk pregnancies early in their previous pregnancies but it doesn’t mean this time you will again face this problem. But you should visit a pregnancy doctor to ensure your pregnancy.

There are several causes that promote high-risk pregnancy. Many people are not aware of these causes, if you are one of them just read this article. In this article, you are going to know some of the causes of a high-risk pregnancy.

Dr. Sheetal Agarwal

Causes of high-risk pregnancy

Anxiety: get pregnant and becoming a mother will make you more vulnerable or weak mentally and physically which include depression and anxiety. Depression is the biggest cause of high-risk pregnancy. If you are pregnant make sure you feel happy in all situations.

Lifestyle: Today, most women take alcohol and smoke. If you smoke or drink during pregnancy exposes your baby to an increased risk of stillbirth and a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Don’t consume alcohol and smoke to promote a healthy pregnancy.

Multiples: if you are pregnant with twins or more then it is also the case of a high-risk pregnancy. In this condition, you need extra care because carrying more than one baby puts a strain on your body.

Growth problem: your gynecologist tracks your baby’s growth by measuring your belly at each visit. In some cases, a baby does not grow very well. If the growth of your baby is slow then you should need to take too much care of your baby and yourself as well.

Age: sometimes women’s age also causes high-risk pregnancy. If your age is less than 18 and over 40 then you need to visit a specialist.

Weight: overweight also promotes high-risk pregnancy so make sure you do not consume excessive weight before or during pregnancy.

Why need to choose High-Risk Pregnancy Specialist

Sometimes people think that their family doctor also handles pregnancy, yes it’s true but if you have a high-risk pregnancy then they can’t handle this case. To avoid high-risk pregnancy it is very important to choose the best high-risk pregnancy specialist. The specialist knows very well how to handle the case because they already handled so many cases already. They solve cases as per the patient’s requirement.

Why Dr. Sheetal Agarwal is the best pregnancy doctor?

To avoid high-risk pregnancy you need to select the best pregnancy doctor. If you are searching for the best pregnancy specialist and tired from your searching but can’t find the best then here you can stop your search. In this article, you are going to know about the topmost and popular high-risk pregnancy specialist that is Dr. Sheetal Agarwal. She is one of the best pregnancy specialists amongst all doctors in Delhi. She provides the best pre and posts pregnancy treatment for their patients. She has up to 24 years of experience. She makes a diet plan for you, and if you follow her instruction then you can avoid high-risk pregnancy easily. She has completed her training in a topmost hospital with a well-trained and experienced doctor. If you choose her then she helps to avoid risk in delivery and ensure that you and your baby will be safe.

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