Green Tea or Black Tea: Which is Healthier?

Tea is popular in the world and is loved by almost all people. Both black tea and green tea leaves online get from the only plant that is the camellia Sinensis plant. The biggest difference between black and green tea is that black tea is oxidized but green tea is not. For manufacturing black tea, the tea leaves plucked first and then rolled, and exposed to air to contain oxidation process. Because of this process, the leaves turn dark brown and provide flavor to heighten and intensify. But the green tea is processed to prevent oxidation therefore available in a lighter color than black tea.

Green Tea Online

Can protect heart:

Both green and black tea contains a group of protective antioxidant that is known as polyphenols. Many types of research show that both teas helped to reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

Boost brain function:

Green tea has a very fewer amount of caffeine as compared to black tea. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system with the help of blocking the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine. Caffeine can boost mood, alertness, short term recall, and reaction time.

Powerful antioxidant:

Green tea is one of the great sources of the potent antioxidant epigallocatechin-3-gallate. This tea also contains polyphenols like gallic and catechin acid, and EGCG that consider more powerful. This is the reason green tea has many health benefits.

Benefits of buy green tea online

There are many people think that buying an online product is time wastage because they don’t know the easiest way to use the online platform or buy green tea online, however, it is very easy to use and you can buy lots of product at one place without standing in a row. When you buy a product online then you will get so much benefit such as-

When people stand in a row they feel frustrated and tired but in an online store, you just need to click some button and they deliver you’re ordered product at your door. Sometimes people have important work but they waste their time in a row buying important stuff. When you order online you can save lots of time. You can order your product from the office, home, and any other place as well. In a local store maybe you will not get a discount but at an online store, you will get several discounts, therefore, you can save your money too.

How to find an online tea store in India

Though, finding an online tea store in India is quite tough because on the internet you will get so many options. And people get confused about which they should prefer the platform. However, before selecting any platform you just need to consider some things that will help you in buying tea. While selecting the online store you should see positive reviews, product quality, customer rating, customer care support, and you need to also choose a site that is easy to access.

Where to buy green tea online

If we talk about buying tea online then there are several options, you will get. But selecting one tea store online is no easy task. Many people get confused amongst all stores and they do not pick one. All stores offer different services and product quality so you should compare the quality and facility before choosing any stores. Here we will talk about the best store that offers the best services and they have lots of satisfying customers. The best store to buy green tea online is that Caichun tea You can buy different types of green tea at an affordable price through this store. It is easy to use that’s why several people are using it.

Here you have read about black and green tea and which one is better to consume daily.

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