How Yoga Improves Your Chances of Conceiving Pregnancy

A hectic lifestyle combined with an unhealthy diet are the cause behind numerous health problems in men and women. Moreover, this has given rise to the problem of infertility in women. Infertility is defined as trying to conceive a pregnancy for at least a year without any success. Moreover, there are many factors that contribute to this problem.

Unfortunately, causes of infertility are hard to diagnose and there are numerous treatments. However, these treatments depend on the cause of infertility which makes it harder to detect the problem. Most of the time infertility is a combination of male and female factors.

With that said, let us take a look at some reasons behind female infertility.

Infertility – The Reasons

Although you might not want to have kids at this moment it is important to know the factors that can lead to this problem.

1. Genetics

Your genes affect fertility including the age of menopause. If there is a family history of early menopause then you are most likely to experience early menopause as well. Studies have shown a link between specific genetic markers and hormone levels that clearly states your chances of conceiving depend on your genetics.

2. Age

A vital reason behind infertility is age. As a woman you are born with a specific number of eggs that reduce in quality and quantity as you age. For the majority of women their chances of conceiving a pregnancy starts reducing around the age of 35. You should practice yoga poses to increase female fertility and get rid of this issue.

3. Lifestyle

Your age and genetics have the greatest impact on your chances of conceiving a pregnancy. However, do not underestimate the impact of your lifestyle which might include smoking, heavy drinking, or even drug use.

Smoking depletes ovarian reserves and causes damage to a your cells on a chromosomal level. Add to that if you are overweight then it not only impacts your chances of pregnancy but also causes hormonal imbalance.

However, for every problem, there is a solution. It is here yoga helps you become a mother. You might not know but fertility yoga does a lot when it comes to helping your nurture and support the reproductive system to conceive a pregnancy.

Why Practice Yoga For Fertility

Given below are three solid reasons why practicing yoga poses to increase female fertility is the best thing you can do.

1. Minimizes Stress

The most common reason for infertility is stress. If you are working in a demanding job, have a hectic personal life or financial problems; chances are you experience a high level of stress. Different yoga asanas relieve your mind of the unnecessary tensions and that helps you relax. In short, less stress helps you improve your chances of getting pregnant.

2. Increases Blood Flow

If you are having fertility problems chances are there is less blood flow below your waist. Doing the pigeon yoga pose opens up your hips, glutes, and thighs which increases blood flow to the uterus and ovaries. There are many other yoga poses that improve blood flow to your reproductive organs and increase your chances of conceiving.

3. Reduces Effect of Fertility Drugs

Yoga does wonders when it comes to reducing the effects of fertility drugs. It does so by minimizing your stress hormone levels which helps your body recover and go back to its normal state.

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Various factors like age and genetics impact your chances of getting pregnant. The regular practice of yoga poses to increase female fertility helps you improve chances of conceiving without any hassle.

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