How To Quickly Register A US Apple ID?

Due to China’s domestic policies, you may need to download applications that cannot be downloaded in the Apple App Store in the US or overseas, such as Fastest VPN and Tik Tok. At this time, you need an Apple ID in the US. This tutorial teaches you how to quickly register a US Apple ID. If you find it troublesome, you can try how to transfer domestic Apple ID or you can buy vpn online


  1. A VPN internet environment is required throughout the entire journey.
  2. The following operations can be done on a mobile phone or PC.
  3. If you feel that it is too troublesome to register yourself, it is recommended to buy the US Apple ID directly from Taobao. This method saves time and the price is about 10 yuan.

Step 1: over the wall

  1. Use VPN to connect to the external network. Because you want to register the Apple ID in the US, it is recommended to choose the US node. For the following operations, you need to open the VPN all the way.
  2. If you are not sure whether it is a US IP address, you can test it. Access to test the IP address, IP address displayed is the USA. If it is not, registration may fail.

Step 2: Register Apple ID

  1. Open in the browser (check whether the current region in the lower right corner of the website is the United States, if not, switch to the United States)
  2. Click Create a New Apple ID.
  3. Fill in the information according to the steps, remember the password protection question, you may be asked to answer the next time you log in.
  4. It may be necessary to verify the email. Remember, after receiving the email, please open it under the same current Internet environment. If you are currently using a mobile phone, do not use a computer to open it. Keep the VPN connection.
  5. Apple ID is created! You may need to log in again next, Activate ID. Verify that if you receive an email, the precautions are the same as above.

Step 3: Complete account information

  1. Open in the browser, log in to the Apple ID created above, you may be asked the password protection question here.
  2. After logging in, click Payment & Shipping.
  • Select None for Payment.
  • Fill in the US address, search for a real address on Google Map, and just fill it in.
  • Fill in the mobile phone number. The Temporary SMS and Disposable Numbers this site (other site can Google search for “disposable number”) may provide a US / Canadian virtual phone number, you can receive SMS verification code. Choose one and fill it in. You don’t need to write the country code of the United States +1. It should be noted that some numbers may be broken, and an invalid phone number will be displayed. Try another one.
  • After the above steps are completed, confirm. Account registration is basically successful.

Step 4: Finally verify the account, you’re done

  1. Open the App Store on your phone, it should automatically become a US store (English)
  2. In the App Store in the US, you can choose a free App to download. Then you will be prompted to log in, select “Use an existing Apple ID”.
  3. Enter the registered account, it will prompt “This Apple ID has not yet been used in the iTunes store”, click Review.
  4. After clicking Review, go in to confirm “Terms and Conditions” and confirm all.
  5. Then switch to the App Store and download the APP you want to download (please log in to the US account in the App Store, do not log in in the settings)
  6. That’s it!

In addition to the Apple ID in mainland China, all other Apple IDs in overseas regions can download the Lightyear VPN client.

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