How to Install Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

How to Install Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Upright blinds supply property owners’ privacy from the outdoors while allowing for simple light control choices. Verticals are ideal for usage on an enclosed outdoor patio, as they obstruct UV rays and also can cover the size of the home windows.

Vertical blinds are mounted with a brace at the top or on the inside of a home window opening. The blinds include lengthy panels that hang from the bracket to the flooring measuring about 2.5 inches vast. These slats can be available to enable more light into the area or closed to provide color and personal privacy.


If you are thinking about purchasing How to Install Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors  blinds for your window, look into it. We offer custom-made upright blinds in both material and plastic, and also, with our wide variety of shades, we make sure to match all home designs. If purchased through, we will certainly deal with the measurements, order the product, and install your brand-new upright blinds.


But, if you choose to do the mount by yourself, this handy pointer sheet will certainly walk you through the actions you require to hang your new blinds correctly.



Inside place blinds are affixed to the inside of the window structure. You want a home window depth of at least 2.5 inches for the blind install to fit, and this measurement is taken of the depth of the home window structure.

When taking dimensions for within places, take three on the inside of the home window: one at the top, one at the middle, and one near the bottom. After that, make use of the shortest size measurement for installment objectives.

How to Install Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

If you are getting personalized blinds, you will need to provide these measurements to the firm; if you are acquiring blinds on your own, take them to the shop and match them with offered upright blinds.

When determining the window location, sticking outdoor deals could be so huge that they push right into the blinds when installed. This is specifically true for large sliding glass doors. Measure the deepness of the deal with and contrast that to the measurement of the depth of the window to guarantee they manage will undoubtedly be correctly covered when the blinds are shut.



To use an outdoors mount, you will wish to hang the blinds leaving about 4 to six inches of space around the home window. Otherwise, the light will undoubtedly filter in, and the blinds will certainly not use complete privacy and coverage.

Action 2: Determine the Location you Wish to Cover and Add a Couple Of Inches


Dimensions have to be exact to fit the blind into the space. However, you have also to add added to the elevation and the width of the blinds to ensure total protection of the window. This additionally enables you to completely block light that could slide via the areas below or above the blinds or on the sides. So add around four to 6 inches to the width and the elevation of the home window to effectively block inbound light and make the best use of privacy when the blinds are shut.

When buying Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors that will match your home window’s dimensions, the size of the vertical is noted initially, and after that, the elevation second. For example, a 70 by 50 inches suggests the home window is 70 inches wide by 50 inches tall.


Action 3: Hanging the Brackets

Utilizing a level, develop a line along the top of the window or inside, depending upon your mounting. Ensuring that this line is level is necessary so the blinds will undoubtedly hang equally.

How to Install Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Utilizing a pencil, mark the areas in which you will set up screws. Make use of the top rail as an overview. Utilize a drill to create a hole smaller than the screw so the screw will be steady—drill holes on the pencil markings for the screws.


Tip 4: Setting Up Blinds onto Brackets

The installment of the blinds onto the braces will depend upon the How to Install Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors blind you have purchased. Each producer should include details concerning hanging the pieces blind you acquired. Comply with those instructions. Keep in mind the headrail should stagnate whatsoever when in place.


Step 5: Connecting Upright Callous Head Rail

Begin by situating the opening in each vane, which lies on top of the vane. This opening will slide onto the clips connected to the headrail. When connecting your actual blind to the headrail you have hung, make certain you are connecting them to make sure that they all point in the same direction.

Action 6: Attaching Pull Cords

Draw cords enable you to open up as well as close the blinds. If your upright blinds included a pull cable, affix the install at the bottom of the wall using a stud.

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