How to Get My Boarding Pass From American Airlines?

If you are traveling with American Airlines booking and are looking for the options to get your boarding pass, follow these below mentioned steps to get your boarding pass online from the official site or mobile application of American Airlines:

  • Log in to the site or mobile application
  • Click on the check-in tab to proceed further
  • Now, you will see an option Email with the Mobile option; click the tab
  • You will receive your electronic boarding pass to your registered email address. 

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Where to use the Mobile Boarding Pass?

Mobile boarding passes can be used in most Airports for easy check-in. Most of the Airports do allow you with a Mobile boarding pass. Passengers may check if their Airport allows them with the mobile boarding pass by visiting the official website of American Airlines and entering your airport name. 

How to Check-in with Mobile Boarding Pass in American Airlines?

Online Check-in Option

Passengers who used the American Airlines Book a Flight option may check-in for their flight 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure. You can opt for this option if:

  • The traveler has an e-ticket, and his/her first flight is on American Airlines.
  • The passengers can obtain their American Airlines boarding passes with their e-ticket number, confirmation code, and frequent flyer account.
  • The passenger is not disabled or a special needs traveler.

Mobile Check-in Option

Any passenger can even check-in from their mobile phones. Log in to the official American Airlines website 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure. Furthermore, the only requirement to check in from your mobile is that the traveler has an e-ticket of American airlines, and he/she is not a special needs passenger. 

Self Service Kiosk or Ticket counter check-in at the Airport

Every traveler traveling on American Airlines has the option to check-in from the Airport as well. The passenger needs to visit the self-service kiosk 4 hours to 30 minutes before the departure time to receive their boarding pass. Similarly, travelers can check-in from the ticket counters and get their boarding passes without any hassle.  So grab your American Airlines reservations and explore your favorite destination without any hassle.

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