How to fix network issue from QuickBooks file doctor

Your business by now might be relying on QuickBooks, if not completely but partially. In the event of using the software, you might come across errors in your company file, networking issues, and more. This will not only cause you inconvenience for using QuickBooks but also trouble with the routing business work that slows your business functioning.

QuickBooks file doctor comes into the picture for being the best network and diagnostic tool that is used to help resolve any problems. It can be used to repair the damaged or corrupted file, as you can go by the term “Doctor” it can cure professional issues and certain bugs in your QuickBooks files.

What is QuickBooks Services: QuickBooks File Doctor?

  • It is a simple, quick, and easy to rely on file repairing software, that can fix all types of issues, network problems, corruption of data, window issues, and far more than that. 
  • QB File doctor will help check your company’s damaged files and try to resolve them. 
  • This tool is pretty important, easy to control, and provides you a detailed troubleshooting step that can help you handle the problems quickly. 
  • Launched in 2012, earlier there were 2 programs for different issues. Intuit then decided to combine the 2 programs into one as a QB file doctor. 

The Important Advantages of using QB File Doctor

  • It is a very helpful tool and helps in solving networking issues
  • The different sorts of error series like -6000 can be handled well and with proper functioning through this tool
  • Another good advantage of this tool is, it can help solve various common errors like H101, H102, H103, H103
  • If in case you have misplaced certain crucial data, the File Doctor tool can help you get it recovered in no time.
  • Networking issues that become a major concern can also be handled by accessing the Multi-user setup program.

How to use File Doctor to Resolve Issues?


  1. Open the tool and then search for company file from the drop-down list appearing.
  2. You can see the “Check File damage” option click on the “Diagnose File” option.
  3. You will be provided 2 option “check network connectivity” “check file loss”.
  4. Choose one that suits your issues.
  5. Navigate to open the Admin ID and password.
  6. If you are using an older QuickBooks option, you should update to the latest version first.
  7. Again, make a choice based on the issues you are facing.
  8. Wait for a full scan of the issues (diagnosis).
  9. Once the repairing is performed close your QuickBooks file doctor.
  10. You can check the repair process by the opening company file.

Built Version

  1. Navigate to QuickBooks and then to the QuickBooks file menu.
  2. Click on ‘Utilities’ choice from the File Menu.
  3. Now, navigate to repair file network issues to launch your tool.
  4. Further, tap the browse option.
  5. Choose the company file you wish to repair and press Open.
  6. Make sure you choose an advance setting, select the type of fix you wish to open and go through your file.
  7. Click on Next.
  8. Login to your ID and password as asked and then click on Next.
  9. Open your tool to make sure the repairing is in process, and after the repair, check if the work has been done.

How to fix data and Network Problems?

QuickBooks file doctor is the most versatile and amazing tool to manage and handle all sorts of issues regarding your QuickBooks company file and network. 

To handle your network issues, follow the given steps below: 

  1. From your File doctor hub, navigate to the company file issues tab
  2. Then, mark on the “Run QuickBooks file Doctor” and let the process go-ahead 
  3. The process entirely will take a minute or two to open your company file
  4. Then, you will be required to locate your company file from the DropBox preferences.
  5. Later, the end has to be your admin ID and password, and then click on “Next”

After the above steps are followed, you will then see scanning of your files is on hold. If the files are bigger, it will probably take more time than expected, otherwise, a smaller file doesn’t take much time. After the whole process is finished, you can open the QuickBooks company file and check if in case the issue has been resolved or not?

Wrapping Up

Now that you are aware of how to handle networking issues through QuickBooks file doctor. Enjoy using the software and get your business in the right shape through proper accounting and management. If there are any other challenges, you can always take help from the support team. QuickBooks file doctor is the most versatile tool to handle errors and especially network and company file issues.

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