How to Develop The Live Streaming App for Business?

We all know the latest market trends. The television era is coming to an end. People are turning to stream video applications. They can easily find their favourite shows online. They don’t have to wait for TV shows. So the era of streaming video started with high quality.

Working in the field of Live Streaming Android APP Development

Today, there are several applications on the market with streaming features, and you can see that people are investing in the Live Streaming APP Developer of streaming applications. Highly sought-after applications such as YouTube, Google Play, Hulu, Netflix, thousands of customers for their uniqueness. Recognizing the importance of live video streaming for Android and iOS applications, entrepreneurs are moving towards creating their own live video streaming applications for DJs.

Video streaming applications allow people to watch their favourite movies, shows, music, etc. They can even create their videos using live streaming applications. It will enable them to show their talent to a large group of people. Concetto Labs is a leading company in the development of live e-commerce on Android and iOS platforms. You can see more in our portfolio.

Hire an independent video streaming application developer

For video streaming application development, most market-leading companies prefer to hire independent video streaming developers. It is challenging to choose the best streaming video application developer because many people are confused about their features, functionality, and usability. Our Live Streaming APP Development Company makes sure to identify the best application features.

Our Labs is one of the leading Live Video Streaming APP Development and Live Audio Streaming APP Development that will help you realize your dream project. Our developers always use the latest tools and technologies to implement the best projects for our customers. Thus, we are familiar with the latest trends in the application industry, and we have the skills to integrate them into the application you develop.


So what are you waiting for?

We have also achieved good results in customer satisfaction, both regionally and globally.

Our extensive experience in Live Streaming App Development Company solutions encompasses a wide range of world-class capabilities. We’ve risen to every challenge and innovated to help you grow your business to new heights and become a global market leader.

Agile Development Methodology

Throughout the real-time application development process, we strive to satisfy our customers and provide better solutions in less time. We use secure and agile development methodologies throughout the project.

Agile Development

We follow a set of operating principles that ensure frequent and reliable code changes by our skilled live application development team, resulting in better collaboration, higher software quality and faster time to market.

A team of experts in Live Streaming Mobile APP Development

Our highly skilled cross-functional team can help you create live streaming solutions using state-of-the-art technologies and innovative techniques for all devices. By developing intuitive user interfaces, robust architecture and robust portals, we implement comprehensive and organized live streaming platforms with first-class features and functionality.


We have implemented a secure live streaming app development architecture that resists man-in-the-middle attacks, eavesdropping and IP spoofing. We handle all security issues, from the selection of video encoders, streaming software and distributors (SVP/CDN) to prioritizing production according to budget constraints. We implement best practices for ECDN, CDN, RTMPS, microsites, firewalls and more.


Real-Time And On-Demand Streaming Solutions

High-end streaming video applications such as Youtube, Vimeo, Hulu and Netflix; streaming video applications such as Spotify; live streaming video applications such as Amazon; HDR10 for Apple TV and Android TV. Streaming TV applications and video-on-demand services such as Facebook Watch. Twitch, Tango and Instagram.

Trends In Live Streaming.

We develop industry-leading live streaming solutions and monitor OTT trends, social media, games, mobile channels, music, IoT video streaming, business partnerships and live e-commerce.

Increase The Efficiency Of Interactions

Live streaming increases engagement by sharing live events, social media, conducting interviews, training, Q&A sessions, internal communications, public meetings, webinars and live events.

Client Engagement

Throughout our real-time application development process, we receive constant feedback from our customers to provide solutions based on their needs. Through continuous interaction with our customers, we strive to provide them with the best solutions that positively impact their business.

Rich And Visible Live Solutions

We serve various industries, including sports, corporate events, religious and ministerial events, education, transportation and logistics, fashion, entertainment, e-commerce and on-demand solutions. We work hand-in-hand – from prototyping to post-implementation maintenance to a complete, rich and tangible HDR10 live streaming solution.

Recruiting A Video Streaming Application Developer

Our dedicated, transparent and straightforward hiring model allows you to choose from our talent pool to develop real-time streaming applications. If you have a clear scope and requirements, fixed-price models are best suited for this challenging engagement. Using these models will help define your needs and provide a baseline for successful project participation.

Thinking Ahead

Our team is committed to providing a viable system and ensuring the stability and security of our end-to-end real-time broadcast solution for the future. This real-time streaming management software is designed with various performance parameters in mind, such as data throughput, buffer fill rate, offset length, offset factor and replay time.


With the development of various Internet and video streaming applications and the fact that more and more people are losing interest in television, the development of LIVE video streaming applications is the future. It is the main reason why the demand for streaming video application development is increasing these days.

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