How to choose a small mini washing machine?

Nowadays, people’s requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher. Take the newly-advanced parents. In order to give their children a healthy and hygienic life, they will distinguish between the things of adults and children and use laundry. When I was young, I used to wash clothes by hand. Everyone has a washing machine and everyone around me is envious. Now it’s different. In addition to washing machines and dryers, I will also buy a mini washing machine. Baby washes clothes. From this aspect, we can also see the development of our country over the years, and the people’s life is getting better and better. Today I want to share with you a personal experience on the purchase of mini washing machines, let’s take a look!


1. Be lightweight

Most of the clothes for babies and toddlers are made of cotton and are relatively small, so the washing machine does not need to be too big, mainly lightweight. Generally speaking, about three kilograms can meet the daily needs.  Use Currys Discount Code NHS at Nhs Discount Code

2. To be dehydrated

In my opinion, the dehydration function of the mini washing machine is very important, because the baby’s clothes are often dirty for various reasons, so they need to be washed frequently and then dried quickly so that they can be worn at any time. The dehydration effect of the washing machine is very poor, and some even have no dehydration function. At this time, it takes a long time to dry the clothes after washing. If the weather is bad, it may not be able to dry for a week, and it is easier to breed at this time Bacteria, just imagine if a baby wears such clothes every day, can he not get sick?

3. Be mute

Many parents only want to buy a washing machine, but ignore the noise of the washing machine. For us adults, a little noise when the washing machine is working is completely acceptable, but this is very important for babies. It’s hard to accept. Just imagine that when your baby is sleeping, he can be awakened by any sound, not to mention the continuous noise made by the washing machine when it is working. Therefore, whether a washing machine is silent is very important. I suggest you, parents, When buying, pay more attention to this. Buy mini washing machine and don’t miss Currys Discount Code

Summary of experience: Regarding the purchase of mini washing machines, the above is a personal experience sharing. In addition to the three points I mentioned, there are actually many things to consider, such as brand, price, and functions. Some of them have high-temperature cooking. Washing can effectively sterilize. You can choose according to your actual needs.

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