how to become a hafiz in the UK?

Learning Quran is the noblest cause of any seeker of the Quranic knowledge. Quran learning is the ultimate desire of the ardent lovers of the Quran. Learning to seek knowledge of the Quran and Memorizing the Quran in the UK has been the keen desire of the Quran students striving to become a Hafiz in the UK.


The Quran Academy has made it possible for the students seeking to learn and memorize the Quran online in the UK and in becoming a Quran Hafiz by taking online Quran lessons and online Quran classes scheduled by the Quran Academy. The subway to learn the Quran online and become a hafiz in the UK is possible under the aegis of online Quran tutors.

online Quran memorization

Memorize Quran Online 

Memorize the Quran online through an online Quran course provided by the Quran Academy. In the UK. The Quran Academy schedules the online Quran classes for the learners of the Quran in such a way that the seekers find it easier to learn and memorize the Quran while residing in the UK and at home. The online Quran tutors pave the way to easy learning of the Quran for the 

Quran students which advocate the Quran learners in memorizing the Quran. 


Through online Quran memorization, the students can rake online lessons and later memorize it by heart. The online learning of the Quran in the UK saves the time and energy of the students which are utilized in the travelling of learners commuting from the homes to the Quran learning institutions. The time and energy saved from travelling are utilized by the Quran learners in memorising the Quranic lessons and giving more time to the routine learning.

Online Quran Memorization

The online Quran memorization is a boulevard to become a Hafiz in the UK. For the Quran learners, it is suggested that the students urging to become a Hafiz in the UK should set a time for taking the online Quran class. A fixed time will not only make them punctual but also allow them to complete their other tasks in time. 


The daily revision of the learnt portion of the Quran should be the prime purpose of the students hoping to become a Hafiz in the UK. In addition to that, the students should also take new lessons from the online Quran tutors for the quick learning of the Quran. This will help the students to become a Hafiz in just no time. 


Then for the easy and quick memorization of the Quran, it is recommended for the learners of the Quran to learn Arabic as the Quran is also in Arabic language and the learning of the same jargon will assist the learners of the Quran to memorize the Quran without causing them any difficulty.


To become a hafiz with the help of Quran memorization, it is complimentary for the learners to start memorizing the Quran from the ending verses. The ending part comprises of small chunks of verses which makes it easier for the learner to memorize it because taking small steps at initial stages leads to great destinations and the high achievement is ultimately to become a Hafiz of the Quran in the UK.


Keeping in view all the important factors that play a vital role in the Quran memorization online, the intake of high nutrition food can never be neglected. A healthy diet is necessary to keep the balanced energy levels in the body and it is only possible through healthy food. A form of balanced diet suggested for the Quran learners may include nuts, olive oil, honey, milk and dates. Take in the delight of healthy food and become a Hafiz in the UK through online memorization of the Quran.

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