How Bad Can a Writer’s Block Be?

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Writing can be fun but there are times when a writer feels stuck. This feeling goes by the term ‘writer’s block’. Let’s discuss what exactly it is and how can a writer overcome it.

I know how terrible it feels when you are suddenly hit with numbness in your creativity, but there are many ways to face it. This article is dedicated to all writers who are currently going through this phase.

1.     Use “imperfect” words

Choosing appropriate words and terminologies is essential in writing. Whether it’s a poem or a whole story, the right words make the content valuable.

A writer spends half of his time looking for a perfect word or phrase to illustrate a concept. But if you find it difficult to search for the right word every time, try explaining your thoughts in sentences that fit in the context.

2.     Don’t start at the beginning

Writing the beginning of stories, articles, or blogs can be quite intimidating, especially when you have to write on an unfamiliar or complex topic.

Instead of starting sequentially, write the middle of the topic or wherever you feel confident. It will make you feel less pressured to get everything right straight away because you will be already at the halfway point.

So by the time you complete the middle part, you will be ready to write complete the other parts.

3.     Take a shower

A fun fact: The most creative ideas will hit your mind when you are in the bathroom.

Well, there is a technical reason behind it. Research shows that whenever you are doing something tedious, your brain goes on autopilot, letting your minds unconsciously wander around without logic-driven restrictions.

In different words, shower time enables you to daydream and make creative connections without any interruptions. Face your creative block by just lathering, rinsing, and repeating until you’ve kicked that block to the curb!

4.     Balance your inner critic

Critiques help you reflect upon your mistakes. But at the same time, they can bring your creativity to a screeching halt with a high dose of self-doubt.

The greatest authors and poets like Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, and Charles Bukowski all struggled with it. In reality, there hasn’t been a writer in the whole world who hasn’t felt blocked by their inner critic.

The ability to hear your inner critic and acknowledging it is an impression of a successful writer. But the key is to make sure that you benefit from it and not start doubting your abilities.

Writers who accept their mistakes try to overcome them by addressing what’s necessary and skipping over what’s insecure and irrelevant.

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5.     Change your POV

Writer’s block can make your POV boring and monotonous.  Whenever you feel blocked, try to view the topic from a different perspective.

Sometimes, changing your perspective temporarily can give your story new eyes, show you how to proceed from there, and let you clearly see the room for improvement.

6.     Work on your characters

Stories revolve around characters. If your characters aren’t clearly defined, you will definitely face writer’s block. To avoid it, develop your characters through the following exercises:

  • Character development exercises

They will assist you in defining your characters more realistically with strengths, weaknesses, ambitions, fears, and more.

  • Character profile

Create a detailed character profile with the help of handy templates available on the internet.

  • Character motivations

Motivation is what puts life in a character. The motivation behind every character takes a story to some other level, intriguing the readers and yourself.

7.     Stop writing for readers

Writing for readers might be the reason behind your creativity block. Writers often come across the advice ‘write to market” and it can become a major point of stress for them.

The pressure of fulfilling people’s expectations can be repressing. To avoid this, try to change your motive. Remember why you started and what your initial motivation was. Nobody enjoys writing under pressure!

8.     Quit the Internet

The Internet can be a source of inspiration as well as distractions; it depends on how you see it. If you feel less focused around it, defeating writer’s block will be more challenging for you.

Try site blockers like Freedom or an app like Cold Turkey. Especially the latter can be an amazing solution for writer’s block; it turns the user’s computer into a legit typewriter until you reach your writing goal.

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9.     Let the words find you

Sometimes pressurizing yourself to write doesn’t help; instead, it makes things much worse. Don’t force yourself; let the words find you. Meditate, go for a walk, and take long showers (as the greatest ideas are born in the bathroom).

Try using Word Palette applications that feature a keyboard of random words, enabling the user to create unique combinations.

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