Graphic Printing Supplies Frequently Asked Questions: What Are Cylinder Jackets and How Can They Add Value to My Business?

In order to get the most out of your graphic printing business, cylinder jackets are an essential tool. They can help you to print many materials en masse, and if you run a printing business, then you will know without much introduction how important having workable and reliable printing press supplies can exert a real influence on your bottom line. Even if you don’t know how to work different types of printing presses, or are not fully confident in your grasp of printing press supplies, you can still recoup some value from learning the basics to different printing presses and how they work. For example, the cylinder press process is another way to refer to the flat-bed process. What is the flat-bed printing process? It involves a flat-bed with the form and/or template of the print, as well as a cylindrical apparatus with a piece of paper or other print material attached. In the process of cylinder printing, there are multiple steps that go into producing a high-quality print. You need to keep an eye out for good-quality steel with which to perform cutting. 

Die cutting is an essential step in the cylinder/flat-bed printing process, and by committing yourself to finding a quality steel in your cylinder jackets, you are ensuring the long-term performance of your printing process. 

As a business interested in using litho impressions during the printing process, cylinder jackets may also be of use and value to your business. Consider a case where a customer comes to your graphic printing store and wants to create a high-quality lithograph depicting a photograph of his or her grandmother. You want to be able to provide that customer with a workable solution, and a high-quality product that they can feel good about investing in. If you don’t have a strong enough cylinder steel, then you run the risk of the press giving way in the middle of your printing session. To get more security on your cylinder printing jobs, which are common orders for printing businesses, then getting jackets with high quality raw materials is a must.


Setting Your Business Up for Marketing Success: How to Make Printing Press Supplies Work in Your Favor

Printing press supplies are not every business owner’s cup of tea, but if you take an alternative approach to printing materials you will start to see value in them where you did not before. If you can invest in a high quality graphic chemical and ink set, for example, then you give yourself latitude and options down the line when you get to actually putting together your graphic ad campaign. When it comes to graphic printing and marketing, have a cohesive and coherent visual language to accompany your commercial materials can mean the difference between an amateur-looking graphic ad and a fully-finished, professional-looking graphic ad. And also, you may be wondering why it is so important to invest into your analog printing processes when so much of the marketing process happens digitally and online now. That is a good question, and certainly a great portion of the marketing you see comes from social media and other digital outlets. However, there is still a significant part of marketing that must take place physically as well.

When you are working your marketing team on a look and identity for your brand, then you will need to create multiple mockups to model how you want your ads to look. 

Particularly if you have in-person meetings, then having printed samples of what your advertising campaigns and graphic content is supposed to look like will help in convincing other members of your team or outside companies to buy into your marketing concept. In a worst-case scenario, your lower-grade or thrown-together graphic prints can confuse partners in marketing or a potential investor about your overall vision for the brand’s marketing identity. By having high-quality mockup materials, you can wow various parties at in-person presentations, giving them more faith that you can pull off a successful marketing campaign.

Finally, having printing press supplies can help you adapt to whatever needs you may have in terms of promotional merchandise. In order to provide a feeling of coziness and familiarity, having printing supplies can be a great way to print promotional material on various surfaces. Whether you want to make company T-shirts or posters to promote a special 5k or event in the office, having these supplies around can help you adapt to internal and customer needs with consistency. 

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