Google takes two-factor authentication to another level!

 Many cyber criminals constantly try to acquire confidential and critical information by misleading the recipient in a fraudulent way. Generally, scammers try to impersonate people from the group of acquaintances of “the prey”, or solid and reliable companies, which are sending a communication via email, telephone or even by chat.

Given the great boom of Google mail, which has approximately 900 million users worldwide, it can be said that it has become a “military target” for cyber criminals who, by different means try to impersonate the officials who work in the Gmail, in order to obtain the precious credentials and access the mailboxes of the users.

Due to all the above, Google is constantly expanding the authentication options of more than one factor, which, generally, go beyond requiring the user and their password and include the sending of an extra code to the phone number registered in the account (since, in theory, the user can only gain access) or require a piece of hardware with an extra key.

This type of multi-factor authentication (MFA) is characterized by requiring two of the following elements:

  • Things that only the user knows, like a password,
  • Back-up codes,
  • Variables that only the user has, such as a SmartPhone,
  • A back-up,
  • Biometric factors such as a fingerprint,
  • An extra piece of hardware like a USB stick.

Entering a little more in the context of Gmail, to avoid falling into this type of deceit, experts recommend activating the option of “two-factor authentication”, to add an additional layer of protection. In this way, even when the cyber attacker seizes the credentials of a user, to enter the accounts of the dam he will also need to have access to an external element (such as a mobile device).


Some manufacturers like #Intel also talk about two-factor authentication

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