Facebook Marketing in 2021: How You Can Use Facebook for Business

If you have survived 2020, you must know that social media is an important aspect of any business’ marketing strategy.

According to recent statistics published, more than 3 million businesses currently market with Facebook, which shows that Facebook Marketing is an important advertising strategy that increasingly more businesses are adopting with each passing year.

Since more than 70% of these businesses on Facebook are outside the United States of America, it shows that there is a diversity in the competition as well.

This is why, we believe that in 2021, you should use Facebook for business in a smart way.

In this article, we have narrowed down some tips for you that you can use to enhance your marketing strategy for Facebook.

  • Your Facebook Page Should Look Professional

Many businesses make the mistake of not giving their business page a professional look.

If you own a business, one aspect that you should understand is that your business page, even if it is a home-based one, should not look like your personal profile.

So, after you have set up a business page on Facebook, add your website link to it, your location, and client diaries to make it look professional.

This can have a good impact on the minds of the social media users that visit your page.

Studies show that the engagement rate on a Facebook business page improves depending on how the webpage appears. This is why, as a business, after setting a page on Facebook, you should focus on aligning the aesthetic of your business with the images you have used, the text you have posted, and the ‘way’ you do things.

  • For an Enhanced Facebook Marketing, Work on Your Profile Picture

Your profile picture represents more than what you think it does.

Studies show that more than 95% of the people that were surveyed, clicked on the Facebook business page after finding the profile picture catchy.

Many of these respondents stated that the ‘quality’ of the profile stands as the key factor which tends to lay an impact on the minds of Facebook users.

So, if your profile picture is blurry, has low quality, or is not relevant, then you sure are running a big risk.

To avoid this, you should start by finding the focus of your brand. For instance, if you run a home-based bake shop, your profile image on your Facebook page should incorporate either an image, text or both to demonstrate what your business is about.

This is because many visitors do not even wait until they read your bio, which is why your profile picture should stand out and be self-explanatory.

You should make it easier for people to find you. Let’s suppose I am a potential customer, and I am trying to locate some bake shops for an upcoming family event, and I don’t have time on my hands. In this case, I would not have time to go read reviews, rather I would judge a bake shop by the way it presents itself.

Due to all these reasons, your profile image should be made catchy and relevant. Otherwise, you might not be using Facebook appropriately for your business.

  • Be ‘Responsive’ to Develop a Better Facebook Marketing Strategy

Think about it this way: What is the point of spending a lot on advertising while when a customer actually visits your business page, you end up being irresponsible in handling their queries in a timely manner?

To use Facebook for business in the ‘right’ way, you should work on earning the ‘very responsive to messages’ badge.

Don’t know what a ‘very responsive to messages’ badge is? It is a badge those businesses earn that replies to their visitors, upon queries, in a timely manner.

For example, if you receive a message from a potential customer about the price of a 12 chocolate cupcakes order price and you respond immediately, then that counts as you being a responsible business owner.

Why is that? Because if you are responsive, then that means your customer will not have any issue in clarifying any issues as your focus on your communications through a digital medium is as smooth as a face-to-face setting.

  • Choose the Best Times to Post to Better Your Facebook Marketing

From time to time, Facebook generates statistics about the specific times when they receive an increased engagement rate. This rate can be used to predict certain times at which you can post to receive the most reach for your posts.

For instance, if the updated statistics state that at 3 pm on Thursdays and Fridays, there is maximum reach for a Facebook post then you should post client reviews, videos, images, and statuses during that time only.

Experimenting at these times can help you get a better idea of what times you should make posts.

Remember: These times might differ from region to region, so you should research well before you decide to post times on Facebook for your business page.

  • Audience Insights Can Be a Helpful Tool for Improving Your Facebook Marketing

If you are not aware of Audience Insights, that is fine because we will explain it to you briefly.

If you want to use Facebook for Business appropriately, you should consider downloading Audience Insights because provides businesses aggregated data on the lifestyle of their webpage visitors by providing information on what they like and their demographics.

This is why downloading and taking advantage of Audience Insights can be really beneficial for your Facebook marketing strategy.

Most successful businesses on Facebook use this interactive tool offered by Facebook for their businesses, in an effective manner to further improve their business strategy to entice more customers.

By incorporating these tips you can improve your Facebook marketing strategy in an appropriate way. There are many digital marketing agencies in your area that can help you in using Facebook for business is a great way.

So, we recommend you should not wait for any further and try these!

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