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Fashion is a very subjective term, every one of us tries to embrace it in our peculiar ways. Fashion liberates us and provides us with an opportunity to express our style, thoughts, and opinions creatively. One such creative expression of thoughts and ideology through fashion is Steampunk fashion. An amalgamation of elements inspired by the industrial revolution and Victorian-era fashion ideals, steampunk fashion has gained itself a separate entity in the 80s.

At first sight, steampunk fashion may come off as a bit strange to you but a little perspective in steampunk fashion history and its movement will help you gain an appreciation for Steampunk Fashion.

The term ‘Steampunk’ was first used by KW Jeter in 1987. He used the term in his first novel ‘Morlock Nights’ to refer to the stories by author Tim Powers, James Blaylock, and himself all of which were set in the Victorian era and gained inspiration from futuristic technological-driven ideas. The world witnessed the onset of the industrial revolution during the 19th century with the development of mechanized manufacturing, mass-transit, office life, and growing urbanization. Steampunk fashion picked its cues from this industrial revolution to imagine even more advanced technology.

However, the Steampunk fashion era started much before 1987. In present times, the term steampunk is popularly used to refer to famous work of fiction and films which were produced before the term Steampunk was coined and came into fashion. ‘Metropolis’ by Fritz Lang released in 1927 is considered to be the first film that significantly showcases the Steampunk movement. The stylistic genre of Steampunk was still in its premature stage in those times.

Steampunk is often regarded as an amalgamation of old and new. The very fact that steampunk gains inspiration from classic Victorian ideals and modern age bold technology makes it appealing among its patrons who find the juxtaposition fantastical and dramatic. The application of these elements of drama and revolution into the fashion world is what makes the Steampunk fashion movement a great success. Steampunk fashion is both retro and bold that allows it to attract a popular cult following and built itself a space in the mainstream fashion world.

Steampunk Fashion Guide

Being extremely stylish is what gives you entry into the Steampunk fashion world. One has to go extra with his/her styling and dressing to ace the Steampunk look. Start with accessorizing your look, go for the Victorian age clothing. Wear corsets, heavy work gowns, petticoats and bustles, coats, suits with vest, spats, and steampunk fashion hats. One can also go for military-inspired outfits. If you are new to steampunk fashion and are confused about where to start and pick your styling cues from, there is ample documentation from this era to help you gain inspiration and emulate.

Once you are done with Victorian-style clothing it’s time to introduce technology to your clothing. Start with simplistic tech tools which make cool and trendy editions for a perfect steampunk outfit like a bionic limb, high-tech goggles, and a modified mobile phone. To add more drama to your steampunk outfit go for the period and technological accessories like ray guns, timepieces, travel goggles, and parasols.

The two necessary elements of the steampunk costume are gears and unique Steampunk fashion goggles. The use of gear and goggles is always a priority when dressing in Steampunk style. The inclusion of steampunk gear fashion in the steampunk fashion movement was to focus on the connection steampunk shares with technology and give an ode to several fascinating capabilities of technology. The use of goggles is important to make a referral to steampunk obsession with the concept of travel. Be it motor travel, air travel, or submarine, all require goggles.

Steampunk Corset

Steampunk Fashion comprises various fascinating and eye-catching elements and all these elements hold significance but one Steampunk fashion essential that enjoys wide popularity among its patrons is Steampunk Corset. Very much like how corsets were an innate part of Victorian age fashion, the corsets are also an important aspect of the Steampunk fashion world.

The steampunk corsets are different from the Victorian age corset and the regular waist training corsets as their detailing incorporates tech-inspired elements and steampunk fashion accessories. The use of these tech elements is important in the steampunk corset to allow them to indicate their connection with the Steampunk fashion world. Combining the femininity of the Victorian era and the boldness of the Industrial revolution these steampunk corsets allows the wearer to be part of the Steampunk Revolution.



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