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In today’s era, everything relies on digitization considering the top domain of engineering such as civil engineering, structural engineering, naval engineering, and mechanical engineering. These all branches rely entirely on computation tools to work their day out in designing, manufacturing, and analysis.


Out of these, civil or structural engineering is one such software that is prominent when we concern about the best practical forms of engineering. These engineering prospects can bestow you with life experiences. Hence, fulfilling the criteria civil era, the leading online civil engineering platform in the market has bought up certain online civil engineering software courses like ETABS and STAAD pro out which ETABS is one of the widely used software that figures out exactly what the user requirements with its advance working tools.


Introduction to ETABS

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you think about ETABS? It is relatively new software for everyone. But actually, it was invented by Computers and Structures. One of the most versatile software for you all to go for. It is the most powerful tool for structural analysis that includes 3D modeling, visualization, and code-based learning. The spectrum analysis, time-history analysis, and direct integration time-history analysis. The full form of ETABS is an Extended 3D analysis of Building Systems.



Advantages of ETABS

It is the ultimate integrated software package for structural design and analysis of the entire building. It is basically, numerical analysis software. Now let us now go through some of its advantages which are as follows.

  • It has a built-in feature for drawing and drafting that aid the engineering in designing and constructional analysis.
  • It helps in the analysis of various types of stresses and failure analysis enabling the engineer to efficient design according to various types of load variation.
  • As concrete and steels are most often used in terms of volume. ETABS has a certain module that helps the inefficient design of these key elements related to construction.

It is extremely user-friendly that combines the technique of the latest useful tools in the market which can be learned within few days. Only the part you require is intense dedication and hard work. It is the widely used analysis and design software and encompasses the grid system for easy orientation working on a complex structure that is within the easy grasp of its user.


System requirements for running ETABS software

As of now, you know the basic about ETABS software and wants to install the software in your system. Now let us look at its system requirements. Here we go then.

  • Minimum Intel Pentium processor if more than that then that will be an added advantage. Nowadays, even the i9 processor is active. And many systems around the world are using a minimum i3 processor. Hence, we can say that ETABS can work on any system in the modern era with a 64-bit CPU.
  • Minimum Microsoft Window 7, Window 8, or Microsoft Window 10. Here also the same case, every user’s system has at least window 7.
  • Video card supporting 1024X768 resolution and 16-bit of color is required for the efficient working of ETABS.
  • Talking about RAM, here you need higher RAM of 8 GB and 6 GB for installing this software. Thus, we can say that this software uses less space compared to other software like STAAD pro.


How to download ETABS software?

Now, we shall be looking at how we download and install the software once you have all those pre-requisite requirements. But before that, you need to configure your computer to find the licensed server. For that, you need to

  • Open control panel> window settings>system and security>system>advance system settings.
  • Click on the environment variables button.
  • Add a new system variable with the name LSFORCEHOST.
  • Change the value to cee-license.stanford.edu.
  • Click OK to confirm and close the Control Panel.
  • Restart your system.


After that, you need to download the software which you can download from the CSI installation wizard. After that.

  • Run the ETABS setup application.
  • To select the licensed model. Choose to install ETABS with the use of the network license key.
  • Select next.
  • Download the ETABS installer on your personal computer.
  • Click the install button and accept the default setting to install ETABS on your computer. Then for a wait as this installation may take huge minutes.
  • After that, you can open the ETAB software from the Window start menu.


Brief about the basic tools ETABS

Let us now get started with basic tools that ETABS has to work efficiently by its user. It is a brief analysis but very important from the beginner’s point of view.

The basic file operations in this software are

  • Edit- to make changes to the model.
  • View- To alter the structural display.
  • Define- to create named entities that are not part of the geometry of the model.
  • The draw is used to add new objects to the models.
  • Select is used to implement how to choose the next default option.
  • Assign option is available to bestow certain kinds of activity to the particular modeling which we are doing.
  • Analyze- after we have finished with the modeling, next we need to do the analysis which can be of several types such as constructional analysis or dimensional analysis. This option denotes the same.


Now, we shall be looking at how we create the structural model which is as follows. We can add structural objects through model template out which you need to select out 6 different templates.


Next, we need to define the properties like material properties which can be done through menu>material property to display the defined materials. After selecting the material, choose OK to finish the task.


Final say

Summarising the entire content, in short, ETABS is one of the top-notch software in the market for designing and analysis in the civil engineering arena. Once you have got enough proficiency. You are good to go. Though, it takes years to gain expertise in this software. Must learn for all the civil engineering aspirants.


Thanks for your time in reading the entire content. If you found it useful and worthy then don’t forget to share it with your civil engineering aspirants so that they also can gain a bit of idea about the basic working of this important software. Have a nice day. Cheers!

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