Everything you must know about Copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of writing to encourage readers to take action. It’s sort of the use of words to sell.

There is a very close correlation between storytelling and copywriting. 

As we have just seen, storytelling is the art of telling stories. Copywriting is the art of persuading with words. Ultimately, these two concepts are almost inseparable.  However, storytelling can pursue a broader goal than “acting out” itself.  While copywriting essentially aims to ensure that the reader takes action.

A good copywriter therefore aims for an advertisement to be clicked, an email to be opened, a video to be seen, a speaker to be listened to, a title to make you want to read, a landing page to transform, that a sales page sells. If you are not a copywriter, we can train you to a professional copywriter with help of our best designed copywriting course

But be careful, copywriting, even if it plays on human psychology and certain biases, should not be equated with deception.

It is only a way to stand out from the competition by highlighting arguments that will hit the target targets.

The difference between a putaclic title and a copywritten title is the promise kept. 

In the first case, a putaclic title generates clicks to content or an offer that provides no value. It is therefore a form of scam. The promise is actually missing.

In the second case, the copywrite title generates clicks to content or an offer that really brings value to the targeted people.

Copywriting is therefore the art of convincing potential buyers to buy simply by using their words, and the psychological springs that lead them to take action.

No more no less. But it is a very essential art at a time of heightened competition. 

If yesterday a poorly written sales page allowed you to sell, that is no longer true today. 

Internet users, too busy, will devote time only to content that really holds their attention.

And attention is more and more complex to capture… If you are not comfortable to write your content by own, you can take our writing services for your writing needs. Our writing services ranges from copywriting to the content writing, academic writings and much more. 

There is room for everyone, as long as you are different:


You noticed, we live in a world of satiety where everyone already has everything.

We live in an ultra-competitive world. And the Internet has dramatically accelerated this competition. 

The noise level is intense.

So the question is: how to be heard in this gigantic hubbub?

Without particular appeal, it will be difficult for you to stand out and get noticed on the web. 

The top spots on Google are immensely competitive and yet so vital to your bottom line!

Speaking up on topics that have come up many times is certainly not the best tactic to make your business visible and interesting. 

To succeed in emerging and interesting, you must place your content at the heart of your expertise and what is most remarkable: your value proposition!

So you most likely need to stop following what your competition is doing, and focus on your own strengths.

What are the particularities that make your customers appreciate your offer? What are your sharp expertise that you can highlight?

How can you be a leader in your market?

And above all, what is the value that you convey that makes you different from your competitors?

In other words, it is your value proposition that will allow you to differentiate yourself and interest your core target. 

It allows you to express your purpose very clearly. The less known your business, the more you need to rely on a clear and effective value proposition.

A good value proposition should serve as a “Trojan horse” to engage in a successful content marketing, storytelling and copywriting strategy.

It is not limited to describing the products or services that your company offers to its customers, but rather to describing how your products or services will allow them to solve their problems, meet their needs, their desires, and sometimes even them. Help to come true. 

It is the promise of the value that a brand will be able to deliver to its targets. It is the main reason why your customers will choose to trust you rather than trust the competition.

Unfortunately, I don’t have room here to explain how to design an effective value proposition. This notion deserves a complete guide that I will produce shortly.

At this point, just remember that a good value proposition remains one of the major pillars of copywriting.

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