Does home insurance cover robbery on the street?

When we consider taking out home insurance , we always keep in mind the need to cover traditional coverage related to housing and its responsibilities. But questions also arise such as whether home insurance covers burglaries on the street.

Is it possible to be protected in case of theft away from home ? If so, are all types of theft covered? We will address these issues in the article.

Does home insurance cover a robbery on the street?

The truth is that today, home insurance offers coverage that we are sometimes not aware of, such as robberies on public roads . Specifically, robberies and looting are covered.

This is the key to determining whether your home insurance covers burglary on the street. When it comes to someone who takes something from you by force, the insurance can have coverage that covers you from this situation.

Coverage of robberies on public roads

In most cases, home insurance includes coverage for street theft or burglary in addition to the usual home burglary. Although it is very important that you inform yourself when you think about taking out your insurance or reviewing the guarantees you have. In some policies it is not a basic coverage, but an extra option that you can hire separately.

In most cases, home insurance includes street theft coverage.

Therefore, if you want to make sure that home insurance covers robberies on the street, you need the coverage to be in the policy, either as a basic guarantee or as part of the contracted extras.

Theft or robbery? Key aspect for insurance

When you are evaluating home insurance coverage for robberies on public roads, something very important is to differentiate if the crime that has been committed is robbery or theft.

According to the Spanish Penal Code , theft is considered to be “the appropriation, for profit, of other people’s personal property without the will of its owner”. That is, the theft of any property without you noticing.

On the other hand, theft is considered to be the act of “seizing the property of others using force in things to access or leave the place where they are, or violence or intimidation of people”. For example, someone breaking a window to rob a house or threatening you with a gun when you walk down the street. In these cases, in addition to the material loss, there are also usually psychological consequences .

In summary, the difference between robbery and theft is that in the first case violence is used in some way, while in the second the goods are stolen without you noticing until you miss them.

Home insurance policies cover losses caused by theft within the home, and in some cases you can hire additional coverage for thefts of a certain amount. Although with nuances, such as the compensation that is offered or the conditions that must be met. But what about when are we out?

Does home insurance cover theft outside the home?

As a general rule, home insurance covers robberies on the street, but not thefts. That is to say, if they intimidate you with a knife or some kind of weapon, hit or jerk you and take some property, your insurance can take care of covering it after making the corresponding report. But if it is an oversight that someone takes your backpack or purse, mobile or wallet without you realizing it, home insurance policies do not cover it.

Robberies on the public highway and home insurance coverage

If you have a home insurance policy that covers robbery on the street , you should find out what the limits are for the goods that have been stolen. In the case of Seguros Catalana Occidente, you can choose an amount according to your needs, with a maximum of 1,500 euros for personal property (purse or wallet, mobile phone or some other electronic device that you carry with you, prescription glasses or sunglasses, clothing leather or fur, etc.).

In addition, it is worth bearing in mind that the multi-risk family-home insurance of Seguros Catalana Occidente includes other coverages such as changing the locks in your home or the fraudulent use of credit cards after theft. Because often after being robbed or robbed, thieves take the opportunity to see where you live and even enter with your keys.
At Seguro Catalana Occidente we take care of you and yours both inside and outside your home, offering you products adapted to your needs.

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