Different Types & Uses of Baby Blankets

Baby blankets are very useful because they make the baby warm and cosy, allowing them to sleep comfortably. Baby blankets such as Little Unicorn Blanket come in many shapes and sizes, and it can be hard to know which is the right pick for your little one. It may seem overwhelming to choose from such a wide range of fabrics and patterns, but if you read up on the various kinds of blankets that you can buy, then the task will become a little less daunting. Here are a few types of baby blankets!

  1. Security Blankets

Security blankets are made up of soft plush, velvet or fleecy cloth, and may come with a stuffed animal attached. They are quite resistant and long-lasting. Their primary purpose is to make your child warm, and also provide comfort to the child. This is the kind of blanket an infant usually gets very fond of, and carries around everywhere with them in their early childhood. As an extra-special treat for your baby, you could also buy a unique and personalised security blanket that is made just for your little one!


  1. Swaddling Blankets

Swaddling blankets do exactly what their name suggests: help you swaddle a baby by enveloping them and cocooning them warmly. They are equipped with attachments that can be done up. Some of them cover the top half and leave an opening at the bottom to allow diaper changes without having to open the entire blanket and make your child cold. A swaddling blanket wraps snugly around your baby so that they can sleep pleasantly.


  1. Receiving Blankets

Receiving blankets have more than one use and are very adaptable to any baby’s needs. These delicate and airy blankets measure about a single square yard. Among their many benefits, they can be put down on almost any surface, and help keep your baby warm and protected. They act as a lightweight barrier between the baby and outside obstacles and keep them cosy and safe.


  1. Crib Blankets

If you plan on using a crib for your baby, then a crib bedding set is an essential. The primary aspect to look for in a crib blanket is comfort and warmth level, to provide maximum support to your baby while they sleep. Crib blankets are also very stylish. They are usually square or rectangular in shape, fit into the crib very tightly and give full coverage. Little Unicorn Blanket has a comprehensive selection so you will not have to let go of either the comfort or style parameter while picking a blanket.


There is nothing more heartening than watching your baby sleep peacefully. With the right baby blanket, you can be assured that the baby will remain warm, comfortable and safe while napping. Every baby is deserving of such a comfort. Selecting the perfect blanket is one of the best gifts you can give your precious bundle of joy!

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